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BTB Savage is killed a day after posting photos from a robbery crime scene

BTB Savage, an amateur rapper was killed in River Oaks, Houston on Thursday evening. Moreover, his death comes a day after he flaunted getting rid of his enemy.

Here is everything you need to know.

What happened to BTB Savage? 

A video is circulating social media reportedly showing the crime scene of BTB Savage.

In addition, the clip showcases a dead body lying on the floor which is believed to be of BTB Savage.

However, hours before his tragic death, BTB Savage bragged about his wristwatch on his social media account. Additionally, he later then stood near the kitchenette which seems to have dry blood.

BTB Savage on the other hand was also seen wearing a cast on his arm. 

Furthermore, it appears like the blood was smeared on the residence in the light of the robbery.

The musician outlined ... with a caption that read, ‘TOO MUCH MOTION.’

Meanwhile, as of now law enforcement is yet to confirm whether dry blood was linked to BTB Savage’s eventual death.

Besides that, in the viral clip, we can see a Mercedes Benz of white color parked on the side of the road. Subsequently, the vehicle was covered with bullet holes.

The car of law enforcement and cops are also seen in the video. Also, we can catch a glimpse of a body lying on the ground.

Many users suggest that BTB Savage was possible during a gun attack. 

According to Swisherpost, a Subaru pulled next to BTB Savage’s vehicle. Then two unidentified men opened fire at the artist and his car.

Regardless, no other information is yet released about the shooting at the time of writing this article.

Social media users react to BTB Savage’s death

BTB Savage’s death has left netizens petrified. Moreover, they are still shocked to learn that the rapper was murdered hours after making implications about someone else’s death. 

A user wrote, ‘Seeing people last tweets be crazy. Bro was literally just laughing a few moments ago. Life short as hell.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘And now you with God, you gotta answer to him now.’

Another user commented, ‘Him when he wakes up and sees the dude he killed in hell.’

A different user penned, ‘The dead opp on his way to get revenge in hell.’

A netizen shared an insensitive meme saying, ‘The 12 armed men arriving at your location at 6:04 pm:’


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