BTS’ Jungkook shares his paranormal experience on Weverse

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BTS member Jungkook recently recalled the time when he tried to summon a ghost before he decided to move out of the shared dorms.

Here is everything you need to know.

BTS’ jungkook reveals that he tried to summon a ghost

BTS’ Jungkook made a couple of interesting revelations during his recent live show on Weverse. Moreover, he nonchalantly talked about his paranormal experiences.

In addition, he said that he got ghost hunter equipment in the hopes to catch a friendly neighborhood spirit. But he was left disappointed after he failed to run into any ghosts. 

He said, ‘Before moving here, I wanted to meet [a] ghost so bad. I turned off the lights and I used that thing the ghost hunters use. I sat here in the living room and waited. [But] there was no sound.’

Meanwhile, the youngest member of the group also shared a scary interaction he had with a ghost. He detailed the encounter in BTS’ ‘Proof’ Collector’s edition. 

Subsequently, he recounted the time when he used to live with all the other BTS members in the same dorm provided by their label BigHit Music.

Additionally, he said that he saw a ghost-like figure while he was showering and washing his hair in the dingy dorm bathroom 

He wrote, ‘The place had splats of blood from mosquitos on the wall. I even saw a ghost once while washing my hair.’

He continued, ‘I was alone and in the shower when I saw a really pale ankle between my legs. The ankle disappeared by walking toward a room. I saw it go into the house from the front door by the shoe rack. But I didn’t hear anyone after that.’

Besides that, he initially believed that it was Suga due to his ‘pale skin tone.’ But soon realized that there was no one present in the room except for him.

Fans react to Jungkook sharing his paranormal experiences

Fans of BTS were left amused after Jungkook admitted to the time when he turned into a ghost hunter. 

Nevertheless, they could not help themselves and began to make jokes and memes about him.

A user wrote, ‘his neighbors wondering why he’s gone so quiet and it’s jungkook trying to summon ghosts at 2 am cause baby wants new friends.’

Another fan pointed out, ‘He just wants to be friends with a ghost.’

Someone else chimed in to say, ‘The world: IS THERE NEW MUSIC ON THE WAY TELL US. Jungkook: I want to talk to ghosts.’

A different fan commented, ‘Only Jungkook would befriend a ghost. [Please], he’s so adorable..’


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