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BTS’ Jungkook Shuts Down Criticism Over His Tattoos: See His Response

BTS’s Jungkook has got tattoos however not everyone likes it and the BTS icon has now reacted on the same. Recently Jungkook was live to interaction with his fans. Where he even came across some criticism about his tattoo. However, the BTS star gave his reaction to the criticism too.

Read ahead to know more about BTS’s Jungkook reaction to the criticism over his tattoos.

BTS’s Jungkook has got tattoos

While having tattoos isn’t something new for music artists with deep meanings to it. The BTS icon Jungkook too is one of them who has got tattoos on his body. That has deep meanings too. Fans of Jungkook too love his tattoos.

However, it recently that the tattoos of Jungkook made some netizens react to it. Some were criticizing it and this even happened when the BTS icon came live recently to interact with his fans. Where he was asked questions about his tattoos too.

BTS’s Jungkook was asked questions about his tattoos

BTS loves to interact with their fans often on social media. As recently too Jungkook came live for interacting with his fans. While the ARMY came up with their questions for Jungkook and the icon answered them. Some of their questions were even about his tattoos.

As some went on to criticize tattoos of Jungkook. A few went on to ask if Jungkook would remove his tattoos or not. Jungkook too gave his reaction that was hard to miss. As he calmly went on to answer a few questions about his tattoos.

Jungkook breaks the silence on the criticism over tattoos

During his live interactions with his fans, Jungkook answered his fans. It is known that tattoos are not much welcomed in Korean culture and even Jungkook had to cover up his tattoos on some occasions. But the BTS icon recently revealed on why he can’t remove the tattoos.

Breaking the silence on his tattoos he said “Removing them is painful. I don’t like pain. Removing them hurts, and I heard it takes a while. I understand why some people want to get them removed but… really? Because it’s something that I’ve wanted. That’s why they remain. If I remove them, that means I’m denying my past self. That past self was also me. So, I don’t think removing them is the right thing (for me)”.

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