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‘Buhari administration most corrupt in Nigeria’s history’ — PSC member, Najatu Mohammed, blasts president for pardoning Dariye, Nyame



Najatu Mohammed

A member of the Police Service Commission, PSC, Najatu Mohammed, has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for pardoning two former governors, Joshua Dariye and Jolly Nyame of Plateau and Taraba States respectively.

DAILY NIGERIAN reports that on Thursday last week, the Council of State, chaired by Mr Buhari, pardoned Messrs Dariye and Nyame, alongside 157 other prisoners across the country.

While Mr Dariye, who governed Plateau between 1999 and 2007, bagged 14 years for stealing N1.16 billion, Mr Nyame, who was governor of Taraba from 1999 to 2007, received 12 years for stealing N1.6 billion, a verdict that was later affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2020.

In an interview with Radio France International, RFI, on Monday and monitored by DAILY NIGERIAN, Mrs Mohammed said Mr Buhari ought to have known that Nigerian treasury was not his personal belonging.

According to her, the Messrs Dariye and Nyame should have been pardoned by their respective state governors where they committed the corrupt acts, saying, the president lacks the constitutional power to grant amnesty to the convicts that committed offences in their states.

She added that pardoning the two ex-governors had proved that Nigeria’s challenges are far from being overcome.

Mrs Mohammed noted that even as the court had proved the cases beyond reasonable doubt, granting them presidential pardon was inimical to fight against corruption in the country.

“The government is wrong. The president should have known that the public funds do not belong to him.

“The federal government does not even have the rights to grant the amnesty as the offences were committed against the states.

“Secondly, granting them pardon speaks volume about the systemic failure in the country. It’s the reason we have insecurity. The looting of billions in Plateau, which was confirmed by the court, might not be unconnected with the killings, educational decay, bad roads and resultant deaths, absence of drugs in the hospital that leads to deaths in the state.

“After EFCC and the judiciary did their best in prosecution of the cases for a decade, you can’t just come overnight to pardon them. Was it your money they stole? Why is Buhari administration always against the people?

“The president does only what serves his interest or that of his lieutenants at the detriment of public interest.

“The constitution does not give a leader license to do madness. These are not the characters the law contemplate should be pardoned. If these characters would be set free on the pretext of ill-health, then terrorists should also be released. There is no terrorism worse than the atrocities committed by these governors.

“Buhari was elected to fight corruption. Sadly, he is now the person committing this atrocity. Buhari has proved that he is untrustworthy and unreliable.

“Buhari has failed all the promises he made to the nation, especially the northerners who lost their lives and property because of him. He has not fulfilled a single promise he took.

“Buhari administration is the most corrupt government ever in the history of Nigeria. The level of stealing is unprecedented. Everybody commits crimes with impunity,” she added.



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FCTA fear-stricken over influx of beggars from states with security challenges




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The Acting Director, Social Welfare Department of the Secretariat, Sani Amar disclosed this on Tuesday when participants of the senior executive course 44, 2022 of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Jos visited the FCT Vocational and Rehabilitation Centre, Bwari.

Amar also frowned at the United Nation’s human rights act which prohibits the detention of arrested persons beyond three days, noting that such provisions have also served as catalysts for the swelling number of beggars in the city.

The Director explained that the secretariat has been struggling to keep the streets of Abuja free of beggars and destitute lately, but noticed that its efforts have not yielded the desired result.

He expressed concerns that before now, its officials usually arrest between 20-25 beggars during their routine sanitation exercises. The situation he added, has changed drastically as officials of the Secretariat now arrest over 100 beggars and destitute in one single operation.


While calling for the need for the government and the council of states to act fast by pushing for legislation that will criminalize begging, he added that if punitive actions are meted at those who hide under the cover of begging to defraud innocent Nigerians, the menace will stop.

He, therefore, called on neighbouring states of the FCT, particularly those at its northern borders to put in place policies that will discourage the brewing of street begging as the FCT ends up being at the receiving end of the consequences of the menace.

“What we notice, the recent influx of beggars in the city is so overwhelming. In a day before, when we go round, we apprehend about 20 people, but now in one spot, we arrest 100 plus.

“And our major problem is the United Nations human rights act that says you can’t detain human beings beyond three days and then couple with the fact that their feeding is cost, so these people have made it just like a business.

“The insurgency, banditry, in the North generally is too much. The beggars now are not people with disability. Majority of them are able-bodied, with their women and children. I think there is need for government to see if the council of states can do something about this influx so that states responsible can provide succour for the beggars”

“So what we are trying we are trying to do now is to advise the authorities if they can explore any law/act that will at least make it deterrent to anybody because so many of them were apprehended with a huge amount of money.

“Some with 120,000 naira, 200,000 naira and they are yet begging”. He stated.



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