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With summer now officially here, one of TV fans biggest summertime guilty pleasures is set to return. Season 24 of Big Brother is set to kick off another summer of chaotic strategy on July 6. With season 23 having ended about nine months ago, the season’s houseguests have had plenty of time to bolster their online presence.

Instagram is the social media of choice for the majority of ex-reality contestants, and this is no different for Big Brother. With season 23 having one of the most diverse and intriguing casts of all time, the 16 houseguests have all found varying levels of success with their follower counts on Instagram.

16 Brent Champagne – 14.8K

Brent was brutally blindsided to become the third evicted contestant, so fans were unable to see much of his game. He has shown more of personality on Instagram, featuring photos of some of his hobbies.

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The flight attendant has pics of him working out, sharing his latest NFT and crypto purchases, and posing with some of his fellow season 23 houseguests. While he doesn’t post as much as some other players, he still has a steady stream of content.

15 Sarah Beth Steagall – 18.6k

As her Instagram bio reads, Sarah Beth is considered by many to be “the villainess of BB23” due to her targeting and eliminating fan favorite Derek X. With the heat of the season now cooled down though, SB has become more supported.

Her Insta is filled with some of her best cosplays, as well as some of her singing work. She is a woman of many talents, and her Instagram is a good place to sample them all.

14 Brandon “Frenchie” French – 20K

Frenchie was an agent of chaos on the season, with week one being one of the most chaotic weeks due to his wild HoH reign. His Instagram account has taken a much more calm and peaceful vibe.

Most of his pictures have to do with his life as a farmer, something much different compared to other Big Brother socials. Besides that, he can be found posting pics of him in the water or taking about NFT’s and crypto.

13 Travis Long – 32.8K

While Travis may not have been one of the most memorable first Big Brother evictees, his Instagram account is one of the most memorable of any Big Brother houseguest. Living in Hawaii, Travis has plenty of opportunities to take gorgeous photos.

He also is into photography and has a high quality camera, so despite him not leaving a mark on the show, it isn’t surprising to see him with so many followers.

12 Derek Frazier – 55.2K

The runner up of his season, Derek gained fan support by being apart of one of the best and most entertaining alliances in Big Brother‘s history, The Cookout. His Instagram is filled with pics of him hanging out with other Big Brother contestants from various seasons, much to the delight of fans.

Derek has also stayed relevant by starting a podcast with one of his best friends, which has its own Instagram account separate from his personal account.

11 Christian Birkenberger – 55.5 K

Season 23’s lovable Big Brother himbo Christian has done well for himself on Instagram. Despite being a pre jury boot, he has grown a respectable fanbase, and has plenty of content from his life to share.

Christian has kicked off a modeling career, while he has also appeared in some advertisements. While he may not be dating castmate Alyssa anymore, he is still friends with her and the rest of his cast, also sharing photos of them all spending time together.

10 Kyland Young – 58k

Kyland left the Big Brother house in a controversial way by getting into it with Xavier, but he has done a good job making amends for that. He has been one of the most active and positive posters from his season.

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He has no shortage of content, as he has a podcast, and has committed himself to opening more dialogue on self help and mental health. His constant posts alongside fellow Cookout member Tiffany has also led some fans to speculate on the nature of their relationship.

9 Azäh Awasum – 69.3K

Possibly the most wholesome houseguest from her season, Azäh has one of the most diverse Instagram accounts of this cast. Similarly to Sarah Beth, she has a lot of passions and hobbies that she enjoys sharing on IG.

She has taken on modeling and cooking, with a bevy of posts dedicated to those interests of hers. She has also gotten quite close to Britini, joining her for some duo Tik Tok dances.

8 Whitney Williams – 70.8K

As evidenced by her username, Whitney is a very skilled makeup artist. Her makeup tutorials and advice has grown her account quite a bit.

In addition to her makeup themed posts, she also has photos of her with her adorable sons. There were only two mothers on this season, so anyone looking for cute family pics should absolutely give Whitney’s account a look.

7 Britini D’Angelo – 74.2K

While seventy-four thousand followers on IG is nothing to scoff at, Britini has become even bigger on TikTok with over three hundred thousand followers. Her Instagram is still a great account to follow too though.

She often posts dance videos, which explains why she is such a hit on TikTok. She has some collab dances alongside her castmates Hannah and Azäh, and recently shared flicks from her twenty-third birthday celebration with some other houseguests.

6 Tiffany Mitchell – 79.5K

Tiffany won America’s favorite player while in the Big Brother house, and has parlayed that success into a sizable audience on Instagram. The mastermind behind the cookout, Tiffany has plenty to checkout in her posts.

As one of two mothers from this season, Tiff has many cute pics and videos of her with her son. She’s also shared a bunch of pictures alongside other people who have been in the Big Brother house, most notably Kyland and some of the other Cookout alliance members.

5 Xavier Prather – 88.2K

After being crowned the champion of Big Brother 23, Xavier has kept a bit of a low profile. While he shares photos of some of his modeling gigs, he hasn’t shared much else of what he’s been up to, hence the somewhat low follower count for a reality champion.

With his impending appearance on The Challenge, his following number should rise. The announcement of his participation in the season led to some of the best cast reveal reactions online.

4 Claire Rehfuss – 94.3K

Claire certainly had fans while she was competing on Big Brother, but what she’s been up to in the time since her appearance is what really got her big on Instagram. While it may not be considered one of the best showmances from the show due to heating up after it ended, her relationship with fan favorite Derek X has left fans wanting all of their updates.

While she does post often, she has kept mostly quiet about her personal life, aside from her romance. In addition to her posts with Derek, she also is a bookworm and loves sharing her most recent reads.

3 Alyssa Lopez – 94.5K

Alyssa was the last non-Cookout member standing on season 23 before being ousted with less than three weeks to go. She’s become one of the most popular houseguests from her season, at least by the metric of Instagram followers.

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She is a co-founder and model for her her own swimwear company, sharing the brands latest pieces, oftentimes modeled by herself. She is also well traveled, with photos of her in places such as Los Angeles, New York City, Siesta Key, and Sarasota.

2 Hannah Chaddha – 98.6K

Hannah is proof that the phrase quality of quantity is still true sometimes in the social media age. Despite having just ten posts on her account, she is the second most popular contestant from season 23 on Insta.

A lot of her pics are alongside her friends from the season, giving fans a lot of joy to see their favorites are still together. She has taken up dancing alongside Britini, and also is always well dressed, sharing her best outfits for the world to see.

1 Derek Xiao – 152K

It’s unsurprising to see Derek X as the only houseguest from season 23 to eclipse the one hundred thousand follower mark. He was beloved by fans in the house, and has continued to be supported outside of it.

He posts pictures often, while also vlogging on his account. His relationship with Claire has also kept fans coming back, and with Derek set to appear on The Challenge, his following number should continue to rise.

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