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California TV station reports on CAIR’s benefit concert, not its Hamas ties

In the February 23, 2023 broadcast of Stockton, California’s KOVR CBS13 filed by Marlee Ginter and entitled “Personal Performance,” we learn that the Zakat Foundation of America and the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) put on a benefit concert for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

Khalil Demir runs the Zakat Foundation of America.

Previously, Khalil Demir was the Public Relations Officer for Benevolence International Foundation, a U.S. Treasury Department designated terror financier. BIF’s 990’s shows Halil Demir, or Halil Demir, was the group’s book keeper (see line 91).

Khalil Demir was also an officer in the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. The IHH supports Hamas. (see here). Former U.S. State Department spokesperson Philip J. “P.J.” Crowley has said (at 15:09 here):

Well, we know that IHH representatives have met with senior Hamas officials in Turkey, Syria and Gaza over the past three years. That is obviously of great concern to us.

And the IHH was also one of the main organizers of the 2010 Flotilla disaster, which sought to bring aid to Hamas in Gaza.

As for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, it is the American branch of Hamas. Documenting CAIR’s Hamas connections are sources including the Treasury Department, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and a federal judge:

  1. The government has produced ample evidence of CAIR’s associations with Hamas. Source: legal decision of Jorge Solis, see top of pg. 15, Politico
  2. FBI officials are on camera saying they are distancing themselves from CAIR. Source: Oklahoma’s KWTV CBS9
  3. FBI: CAIR is a front group. Source: The Dallas Morning News
  4. During a CAIR Zoom conference call, Nihad Awad refers to Israel as the occupation, and CAIR deputy executive director Edward Ahmed Mitchell refers to Hamas as a foreign organization.
  5. CAIR proves its affinity with Hamas every time “Palestine” enters the news. That’s when CAIR will get on TV and accuse Israel of genocide. CAIR will also organize Palestine rallies that accuse Israel of a holocaust.

CAIR’s conduct is entirely consistent with that of a foreign agent. There is compelling evidence from the Network Contagion Research Institute that CAIR was the inspiration for last year’s terror incident in Colleyville, Texas.

Additionally, CAIR uses its astonishing media access to attack individual working-class Americans at a rate approaching three to four times a month. There are over 120 examples of CAIR representatives doing this over the past five years. In fact, an elementary school teacher has filed a defamation lawsuit against CAIR in New Jersey for exactly this kind of behavior.

TV stations around the country are negligent in not reporting unflattering news about CAIR, and instead promoting CAIR as something legitimate.



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