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Cambridge Innovation Institute announces acquisition of Biopharma’s Valuation



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The Evaluation of Biopharma events provide a unique platform for experienced industry veterans to highlight their expertise, share their bioprocessing and business insights, and provide unparalleled advice.

Needham, Mass. (PRWEB) July 14, 2022

Cambridge Innovation Institute (CII) announced the acquisition of Rockville, Maryland-based Valuation Biopharma (EBP) from Bioplan Associates, Inc. The EBP acquisition includes its events portfolio as well as its media offerings.

Philips Kuhl, President of the Cambridge Innovation Institute, says, “We are regularly looking for additional ways to work with those in the bioprocessing sector and provide evaluation materials. Biopharma is evaluating our offerings for this rapidly growing industry. Our rare blend of education and networking is a perfect match for our Cambridge Healthtech Institute event portfolio.”

“Joining the CII family of intelligence platforms provides the unique opportunity to Evaluate the Biopharma Networking Event Series, with the unique opportunity to leverage and build upon the expertise and information presented at CHI events, including the Bioprocessing Summit and Bioprocessing Summit The conference covers Europe. The series provides opportunities for invited industry leaders to reconnect and strengthen relationships throughout the year, to implement credible, applicable action plans to improve bioprocess efficiency and ultimately accelerate success. To use and evaluate proven experience,” says Brian Kane, Co-Founder and Managing Director.

The Assessment Biopharma Networking and Education program series was created to fill a generational knowledge gap. Bioplan Associates, Inc. Eric Langer, President of CHI, said, “CHI provides a remarkable set of resources and skills that will rapidly expand the reach of these unique programs and ensure that the networking component achieves its full potential in the industry.” In addition to facilitating effective networking, Evaluation of Biopharma Events provides a unique platform for seasoned industry veterans to highlight their expertise, share their bioprocessing and business insights, and provide unparalleled advice. Ultimately, the mission is to “pay it forward,” and to help today’s biopharmaceutical leaders leverage sound information to help biopharmaceutical companies make better, more effective business, process and strategy decisions.

About Cambridge Innovation Institute


A vision since 1992: The Cambridge Innovation Institute (CII) provides cutting-edge information through events, publications and training to leading commercial, academic, government and research institutions in the life sciences and energy industries. Cambridge Innovation Institute comprises two business areas: our coverage of advances in the life sciences under the well-established Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) brand and coverage of rechargeable batteries under the Cambridge Enertech (CET) brand. We focus on high technology areas where research and development is essential to the advancement of innovation.

About Biopharma Evaluation


Evaluated Biopharma networking and education programs, co-founded by Eric Langer and Bioplan Associates, Inc., provide an intimate, interactive, targeted forum where all participants – speakers, attendees, sponsors, can directly engage with the topic, discuss universal challenges , can share experiences, and access solutions to improve process efficiency, accelerate manufacturing, and ultimately deliver life-changing treatments to patients safely, effectively, profitably.

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