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Can I replace the battery on Acer Swift 14 (2023)?

You can buy many great laptops, including the Acer Swift 14 (2023), as soon as it goes on sale. It comes with 13th Gen Intel H Series processors and a new webcam. However, one thing that isn’t immediately clear about the Acer Swift 14 (2023) is whether you can replace the battery.

Acer has not yet published repair guides and other documentation for the Acer Swift 14 (2023), which means we can’t answer that question at this time. But based on the design of the Acer Swift 5, which came before it, we can assume that the battery on the Acer Swift 14 (2023) might be replaceable.

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This doesn’t mean you have to replace it on your own, though, because you could risk voiding your warranty. We suggest that you perform any battery replacements through the Acer support teams and mail in your laptop for service.

What you’ll need to replace the battery in your Acer Swift 14 (2023)

Before replacing the battery on a laptop, you should equip yourself with the appropriate tools. We suggest purchasing a Torx driver set and an anti-static wrist strap. The anti-static wrist strap will prevent your laptop from being damaged by static electricity your body may produce, while the toolkit contains all the tools you need to access most laptops.

  • iFixit’s Essential Electronics Toolkit

    This toolkit from iFixit comes with everything you need to accessorize your laptop. It contains precision parts, vaporizers, a suction cup, and many other tools.

  • iFixit Antistatic Wrist Strap

    Anti-static wrist strap protects you when working on electronics. It fits comfortably on your wrist, and it also has a clip that attaches to a metal body so you can land on your own.

How do you replace the battery in Acer Swift 14 (2023)

Again, we’re not confident you’ll be able to replace the battery in your Acer Swift 14 (2023). Until we learn more from Acer, we’ll go over a reminder of how to replace the battery on the previous model, the Acer Swift 5. We say this because not much has changed with the design between the Acer Swift 5 and Acer Swift 14, so there should be no reason why you shouldn’t replace the battery on the newer model. By following the same steps.

  1. Turn off the laptop and unplug the power adapter.
  2. Place it upside down on a table.
  3. Turn the laptop so the hinge is away from you.
  4. Remove the 11 Torx-head screws on the bottom of the laptop (three on top, four in the middle, and four on the bottom).
  5. Place the screws in a safe area and guide them in when removing them.
  6. Take a pry tool like a guitar pick (or a thin credit card) and peel off the bottom cover, starting at the back of the laptop near the hinge.
  7. Lift the cover and disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.
  8. Remove the Phillips head screws on the left and right sides of the battery.
  9. Pull the battery up, then put the new battery in its place.
  10. Put the Phillips head screws back in place.
  11. Connect the new battery to the motherboard.
  12. Put the bottom cover back in place. Press down on the cover to make sure it locks into place.
  13. Replace the 11 screws.

Once these screws are replaced, plug the battery in overnight and let it charge. Once it charges you should be good to go.

Again, these steps are for last year’s Acer Swift 5, but we don’t think the battery replacement steps will be any different. As soon as an official Acer repair guide becomes available, we will update you with more official details. Until then, you can check out other great Acer laptops that we’ve confirmed already have replaceable batteries.

Angled front view of Acer Swift 14 facing right
Acer Swift 14

The Acer Swift 14 is a productivity laptop with a gorgeous two-tone design and the latest 13th Gen Intel processors. It is a follow up to the Acer Swift 5 and brings some changes like a 1440p webcam.

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