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Can we believe Shapiro’s plan?

January 29 – We all remember Tug McGraw, the flamboyant left-handed relief pitcher who coined the phrase “Ya Gotta Believe” – ​​which became the rallying cry for the 1973 New York Mets.

What a simple, yet inspiring three-word phrase that was.

Now, nearly 50 years later, Pennsylvania has a new governor who wants us to believe that he will transform and reform the state’s economy to a level where the hardworking, high work ethic people of the Keystone State have always been able to find. Will be able to Meaningful employment where they will earn wages that “support the family”.

Can we believe it? Should we believe it?

Okay, we’re kinda at the point where, yeah, we have to believe it.

Being optimistic and having faith in our elected officials hasn’t always paid us great dividends, but this time, given the repeated statements/promises of Gov. Josh Shapiro, maybe we should give this guy a chance.

This week, Shapiro signed an executive order establishing the Pennsylvania Office of Change and Opportunity within the governor’s office and the Economic Development Strategy Group.

We’re told this newly built office will be a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to grow and will work to aggressively revitalize Pennsylvania’s economy – fostering innovation, supporting transformative economic growth and creating real opportunities for businesses and workers alike across our Commonwealth. Especially in communities that have been left behind too often.

Shapiro’s executive order creating the office underscores how building an economy that works for all is a key priority for his administration, according to a news release from the governor’s office.

On the first day, Shapiro demonstrated his commitment to creating economic growth and success in Pennsylvania by taking action to open doors of opportunity for workers without college degrees.

Now, with this new executive order, Shapiro is sending a clear message that Pennsylvania is open for business and the Commonwealth will act more quickly and find a way to do yes to spur real economic growth.

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I can hear some people out there saying, “Blah, blah, blah.”

But hang on a little longer and listen.

We’re hearing there’s a plan to force businesses to go to multiple agencies for permits, approvals and funding — the plan is for this new office to eliminate red tape, bring the state as a one-stop-shop The agencies work together to support Pennsylvania businesses that want to grow and encourage other businesses to relocate here.

OK, this looks promising.

– The Office of Change and Opportunity will help develop and lead an overall development strategy and implement economic development projects – Coordinating with Commonwealth agencies, expediting permit reviews and ensuring speed of business reviews and key Approval of incentive programs.

-The Economic Development Strategy Group will provide direct advice to the Governor on economic development projects and initiatives to attract and retain employers, recruit innovation leaders, and create good-paying jobs in Pennsylvania, especially in under-served communities.

Here’s what Shapiro said:

“I’ve heard from business and labor leaders across the Commonwealth – the government needs to act more quickly and find a way to do yes. Today, we’re making clear that Pennsylvania is open for business.” , and we’re going to do it by leading economic growth, job creation and innovation. My administration will engage our businesses, our workforce, our world-class universities and research institutions, and the public sector to drive economic growth, especially in communities that have often been left far behind. By helping pre-existing businesses, encouraging newcomers to move to Pennsylvania, and investing in our workforce, we can create real opportunities and build an economy that Can do what works for everyone.”

Then, it feels good.

We want this plan to work. Pennsylvania and its citizens need it to function.

We must believe that Shapiro and his administration are sincerely committed to growing Pennsylvania’s economy so that it works for everyone.

We must believe that Shapiro will see it to bringing those good jobs with family living wages to Pennsylvania, and in doing so, will keep Pennsylvania’s economy booming.

We’ve heard similar promises from almost every candidate who’s passed through this. Now is the time to deliver on promises and deliver results.

we have to believe?

But the fact is that seeing is believing.

Bill O’Boyle at 570-991-6118 or on Twitter @TLBillOboyle, or email [email protected]




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