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Cardi B defends her message on increasing grocery prices despite her net worth claim

Cardi B has a response for the netizens who say she is too rich enough to care after her Twitter rant where she called the rising price of groceries ‘ridiculous.’

Here is everything you need to know.

Cardi B shares her outrage with the rising cost of groceries

Cardi B recently took to her Twitter handle to complain about how she recently had to spend more money on food. 

Moreover, she questioned the rising prices of lettuce at her local store.

In addition, the singer wrote multiple tweets on 3rd January over the issue.

One of the messages read, ‘Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now You might as well eat outside!!’

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, ‘why lettuce cost 6 dollars where I live at?’

However, after seeing the replies of people to her message, Cardi B shared an expletive-filled rant.

She said, ‘Let me tell you something, when I be complaining about food prices and y’all motherf*cker be like, ‘Ain’t you rich? Why you complaining about lettuce, why you complaining about this?’

The 30-year-old singer continued, ‘That just goes to show me when you become successful when you have money, you’re gonna f*cker, you’re gonna go broke soon because you’re not budgeting.’

Additionally, Cardi B went on to explain that she gets a summary of the money she spends every week. 

Hence, she checked the prices herself when she found out that she was seemingly spending more on grocery shopping.

Besides that, the Bodak Yellow singer concluded by revealing that she has ‘a big plan’. 

In addition, she wants people to be aware of the rising prices in order to take action.

Meanwhile, the mother of two outlined ... with a caption that read, ‘PSA.’

Netizens react to Cardi B’s expletive-filled rant over grocery prices

Many celebrities and fans took to the comment section of Cardi B’s recent post to express their feeling about the price of groceries.

Actress Caroline Williams wrote, ‘Love this!!! And I should budget more responsibly, too!’

Meanwhile, a fan chimed in saying, ‘I’m with you Cardi. I was just saying this. How are these people paying for food. I can but how are single Moms and hard-working families.’

Besides that, NBC News reported in September that grocery prices have risen by  13.5% over the last year.

Additionally, several foods have an increase of double-digits. It included eggs which climbed up by 40% while flour saw an increase of 23%.



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