Casetify presents its iPhone 15 cases & Apple Watch accessories

Casetify has joined the fold and announced its iPhone 15 cases, and Apple Watch accessories. Quite a few iPhone 15 series cases are on offer from Casetify, as expected, but the company put great focus on one particular case.

Casetify has plenty of iPhone 15 cases to offer, and new Apple Watch bands too

The ‘Ultra Bounce Case’ was most talked about by Casetify. That case won 7 ‘Best of IFA’ awards this year, and it offers great protection. On top of that, it’s also customizable.

This case comes with a ‘6-Layered Rugged Protection System’. You will immediately notice four ‘Ultra Bounce Corners’ on the case, which contain compression ribs with air cavities. Those add “structural support and rigidity when the device drops”, says Casetify.

This case also has a 1.2mm raised camera ring, and an in-built 2.2 raised Lens Cover. On top of that, 3 layers of Ecoshock material on the 2 inner sides are also included. Casetify says this case can survive drops up to 32ft (10m).

The Casetify Ultra Bounce Case has some serious drop protection

This case also has 10X Military Grade Standard (STD-810G), and has been tested to withstand drops from all possible angles. The ‘Ultra Bounce Case’ is customizable with names, colors, and fonts. Its price ranges from $90 to $110, depending on the iPhone 15 model.

Casetify also announced its Impact Ring Stand Case. This is a 3X Military Grade Standard case and can withstand drops from at least 6.6ft (2m). It’s MagSafe-compatible too, just like the ‘Ultra Bounce Case’.

This case also comes with a camera ring which can be lifted up and act as a stand for extra protection. The Ring Stand Case is priced at $80.

The well-known Casetify Impact Case is also on offer for the iPhone 15 series. This one is also customizable, and offers protection for drops from 8.2ft (2.4m), along with 4x Military Grade Standard (STD-810G). This case is priced at $65.

Two Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 bands are on offer

When it comes to the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, Casetify is launching two new types of bands. The ‘Bounce Band’ is priced at $69, and it’s made out of FKM fluoroelastomer rubber. It comes with a pin-and-tuck closure, and will be available in black, sand, and orange color options.

The other band is called the ‘Impact Band’, and is priced at $50. This one is “manufactured with a sturdy hardware”, and a “slim, sleek strap, favoring water resistance”. This ban comes with a ton of options for designs, prints, and various other customizations.

More iPhone 15 cases are available on Casetify’s official website, so if you’d like to check the entire lineup, feel free to do so.

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