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CES brings an Eyesafe and BenQ monitor with an impressive display

The new Eyesafe and BenQ monitor is the world’s first in its category. This product hitting the display at CES 2023 comes with Advanced Blue Light Display Technology. According to the companies responsible for this monitor’s development, it is the first of its kind.

Full details on the monitor’s specifications and features are not available at the moment. The product will be on showcase from January 4-8 in Las Vegas, where more details will be made available. But, what is so special about this monitor from Eyesafe and BenQ? Here are the details on the technology that is packed in this monitor.

Advanced Blue Light Display Technology will debut with the Eyesafe and BenQ monitor

This monitor is a product of the collaboration between Eyesafe and BenQ. Both companies are top players in their various fields of specialization. Understanding the roles they play will help throw more light on their new monitor to hit the showcase at CES in a few days.

Eyesafe is a “global leader in blue light migrating technology, standard, and solutions.” On the other hand, BenQ is a display technology and solution provider. Together these companies were able to produce a monitor with an impressive display.

This monitor uses the Eyesafe DTX technology, which reduces blue light toxicity. In addition to reducing the blue lights from this monitor, the technology also improves display technology. Eyesafe also goes on to say that this monitor comes with a Radiance Protection Factor (RPF) of 70 the highest available on any monitor.

In simple terms, this Eyesafe and BenQ monitor promises to be great for the eyes. Unlike other monitors, this option from Eyesafe and BenQ reduces blue light emission while in use. This is accomplished whilst maintaining the monitor’s display quality.

According to the official release, this monitor will be available for viewing from January 4-8 during CES. Experts have praised the companies involved for their work with this monitor. More information on this monitor will be available in the coming days.



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