Changes in platinum jubilee waste collection and recycling in Torridge

Street parties, bunting and lighthouses! Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is almost over, and due to double public holidays, Torridge County Council will make some changes to its waste and recycling calendar.

Collection changes:

There will be NO collections on June 2nd and 3rd.

All collections that would normally take place on June 2 will take place on Saturday, June 4.

The collections due on June 3 will take place on Monday, June 6.

All other waste collection and recycling, usually due in the week of June 6, will take place a day later than usual for the whole week.

The normal pick-up schedule will be resumed on Monday 13 June.

Full details of public holiday changes for your address can be found on the Torridge Council website at:

Torridge also asks event organizers to help keep their celebrations green by thinking about waste collection at their events and how they can recycle and reduce waste. The main tips include:

Plastics and cans – Wash and crush any plastics or cans and place them in a green box by the sidewalk. Squeezing plastic bottles and cans helps free up more space in the green box, making collection and recycling more easy.

Glass – All glass bottles and jars can be recycled in a black box with a curb.

Cardboard – Make sure that all the cardboard handed in for collection fits in the brown bag. Torridge advises that their crews have no room to take large, oversized boxes or loose piles of cardboard. They allow two household bags and can be ordered online at:

Recycling centers throughout Torridge also accept cardboard. The nearest center can be found at this link:

Kerbside Food Caddies – Households can use plastic bags, such as carrier bags, to unload their carts. The lining of the carriers will help keep them clean and make handling more pleasant for households and Torridge crews.

To find out more about the events taking place in Torridge, visit: The site also includes links to: National and Local Events, Celebration Toolkits, Street Closures and more on how to celebrate the Queen, but keep the green light!



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