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Charmed: Every Major Character of the Original Series, Ranked

Charmed originally took to television from 1998 to 2006 before being rebooted in 2018 on the CW Network. While the CW has once again used its platform to showcase a talented cast, the original show lasted eight years and exceptionally endeared the characters to audiences.

With such a storied history and notable characters entering and exiting the show at various points, there were plenty of opportunities for these characters to impact audiences with their character growth. Here we will look at each of these characters, briefly dive into their important milestones, and detail their impact on the series as a whole.

Billie was introduced in the show’s final season as a young witch who had taught herself everything she knew. At the time of her introduction, the world believed the Charmed Ones to have been dead, but Paige was assigned to be Billie’s Whitelighter, leading to the two meeting during one of Billie’s battles against a demon.

Billie’s mission would be to reunite with her sister Christy, not knowing that Christy had been brainwashed to stop the Charmed Ones at any cost. Upon reuniting, Christy began to make Billie question the Charmed One’s reasons for allowing the world to think them dead, and Billie would start turning on them. This would lead to an epic battle with casualties on both sides, only for Billie to finally see the light and project herself into the past to change the course of events.

Darryl was Andy Trudeau’s partner and was initially in the dark about the magical world. His partner’s death would open the door for him to learn all about the Charmed Ones and how his partner worked to keep the police off the girl’s backs while they solved cases that were too much for the police to handle.

Darryl would prove to be a vital part of the team on multiple occasions, most notably when the sisters needed the pure soul of a warrior to gain entry into Valhalla, albeit this was done without his informed consent. The sisters often took Darryl for granted, placing him in situations where he would be assaulted, blinded, and at one point, mere seconds from death. Despite all of these events, when push came to shove, Darryl would help the sisters when they needed it most. Upon the sisters faking their deaths, Darryl would move his family to New York, presumably to live a more comfortable life.

The eldest Halliwell sister, Prue, had the powers of telekinesis and astral projection. Prue had taken on the role of the maternal figure over her younger sisters owing to the fact that their mother had been killed by a demon when they were children. These events would traumatize Prue to the point that she couldn’t tell anyone that she loved them, as that was the last thing she had said to her mother before the murder.

Prue would become one of the most powerful witches with her dedication to studying the Book of Shadows and practicing her craft. Prue would even create a crystal cage in order to trap demons, a ritual that would be used throughout the remainder of the series. After exposing magic to the outside world in an attempt to save Piper, time would be reversed, and without their youngest sister, Phoebe, Prue and Piper would be at the mercy of a demon, Shax. Prue would ultimately die at the hands of the demon, leading to her sisters and their inner circle mourning her.

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Paige has the unique distinction of being a half-witch/half-Whitelighter. Born from her mother’s union with the Whitelighter assigned to her, Paige had been given up for adoption for fear of retaliation against this forbidden tryst. Because she was a half-sister to Piper and Phoebe, the Charmed Ones could continue past Prue’s death and maintain the power of three.

While Phoebe had a rebellious streak when she was young, the death of her adoptive parents impacted her greatly; even more so upon learning that she only survived because she had subconsciously teleported herself out of the car. Paige’s journey would continue when she elected to take on her duties as a Whitelighter, beginning to help people move on from loss, grief, and anger before eventually being assigned to a young witch named Billie, that would change her and her sisters’ lives.

Cole is a centuries-old half-human/half-demon that had lived in the human realm as a lawyer. Being chosen by the Source as the one to one day destroy the Charmed Ones, Cole would initially date Phoebe to undermine her and kill the sisters, but he begins to honestly fall in love with her, reawakening his human side.

Cole’s character arc would see many ups and downs as he constantly shifts from human to his demonic persona Belthazor. His constant shifting of allegiance would lead to Phoebe losing all trust in him, causing him to go insane. During his mental breakdown, Cole attempts to kill himself by way of the Charmed Ones, and while Phoebe refuses to assist in this, he uses her potion himself, only to find he has become invincible. Things are only made right when Cole witnesses an alternate timeline where he and Pheobe end up together, only for their relationship to sour, making him realize that they truly weren’t meant for one another.

Phoebe is initially the youngest Halliwell sister, with quite a rebellious streak. Being only three years old when her mother died, Phoebe grew up with little to no memory of her mother, unlike her older sisters. Phoebe would discover the Book of Shadows in the attic of the Halliwell house and reawaken the Power of Three among the sisters. Pheobe would gain the power of premonition, as well as levitation and empathy.

Phoebe would suffer great heartbreak throughout the show’s run, falling for Cole, a man who would turn out to be the half-demon Belthazor. This revelation would cause their romance to experience severe ups and downs until Cole’s eventual turn into the new Source of All Evil. After Cole’s defeat, Phoebe struggles with finding the ability to love again. This would come to an end when the elders sent a cupid named Coop down to her, and the two began to fall in love.

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Leo was originally a US Army World War II medic before he died tragically while attempting to treat a fellow soldier. Upon his death, the elders had offered him the chance to become a Whitelighter, a magical being whose role was to help people move on. After accepting the position, his first job was to say goodbye to his wife so that she could have the closure she needed after his death to move on with her life.

Leo would prove to be one of the most exceptional Whitelighters earning himself the position of being the Charmed One’s Whitelighter. Throughout his time with the Halliwell sisters, Leo would begin to fall for Piper and vice versa. This would be dangerous for the two, as relationships between witches and Whitelighters are forbidden. Upon realizing that the elders could not stand in the way of holy matrimony, the two would get married and would go on to have children together, despite the many roadblocks thrown in their path.

Piper is often considered the more compassionate of the Halliwell sisters, and after Prue’s death, she begins to take a more active role as a leader. Piper could be headstrong and independent, opening a nightclub that would help the sisters maintain their financial needs. Piper would also have some of the more dangerous powers, such as the power to freeze people in place and to combust people and objects on a molecular level.

Piper would soon fall in love with her Whitelighter, Leo, and come to have a family with him. There would be many struggles as Leo’s duties often left Piper alone. Still, her confidence and the support of her sisters would often lead to her making positive decisions regarding her children and marriage. When her sisters had died in the ultimate battle, Piper would use Coop’s ring to travel through time, enacting a plan to see her family survive the most harrowing of their tasks.



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