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Chicago Fire: Chief Boden's Screen Time Has Dwindled & Fans Aren't Happy

Concerned that the series was suffering from what they see as a lack of Wallace Boden storylines lately, the original poster in the Reddit thread above complained, “He went from being in every episode to maybe 1, every so often. We see so little of him and I miss when he was properly folded into the house.” They went on to say that in addition to Boden’s reduced screen time, the additional absences of former Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Kelly Severide were part of a broader issue affecting the whole One Chicago universe. In this respect, they said that they “feel like all the Chicago shows have peaked and are losing the spark that kept them going.”

Redditor u/Physical-Energy-3942 also lamented the loss of synergy between the chief and members of his crew, saying “I miss Casey, boden and Severide together.” And the truth is, fandom desire for more moments featuring Eamonn Walker’s beloved character goes back even further — two years ago, u/irishspice attracted plenty of pro-Boden sentiment with a “Chicago Fire” subreddit discussion titled, “This show seriously needs more Chief Boden. A LOT more!” Meanwhile, u/headfullofpain joined the same conversation to say they’d also apparently be open to seeing more of Walker’s Boden, declaring, “I find him so freaking attractive. Especially when he smiles.”



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