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‘Children of the Underground’ Shares Story of Mother’s Struggle to Hide Children from Abuse



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NEW YORK — It was a story that made headlines and sparked heated debate.

One mother – failed by the justice system – took on the cause of other mothers and children with her own form of vigilante.

“Children of the Underground” tells the story of Faye Yager’s efforts to protect sexually abused children by helping them flee.

The new five-part docuseries will premiere Friday night on FX and stream on Hulu.

The trajectory of Yager’s life changed forever when she caught her ex-husband assaulting her daughter.

She was determined not to let anyone else have what had happened to her child.

“Children of the Underground” tells the story of the network Yager built.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Yager’s organization helped parents and their children go into hiding after fleeing from an abusive parent.

The underground tried to protect families when the justice system hadn’t.

“She protected them as if they were her own children,” said Michelle French.

French is Yager’s daughter and an abuse survivor. She is featured in the docuseries alongside other survivors who share their emotional stories, including their disillusionment with a family court they call “broken.”

“We want to work on legislation to actually physically change the system,” French said.

Yager’s fearless fight for families brought her to the headlines and eventually to court.

“Children of the Underground” allows those sitting in the front row to tell the important story.

Executive producers said they wanted to give Yager the last word in telling the story.

All five episodes will premiere back-to-back on August 12 from 8pm ET/PT on FX and stream exclusively on Hulu the following day.

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