China proposes ban on clothes that ‘hurt nation’s feelings’

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A proposal by Chinese legislators to pass a law banning dressing and speech that contradict the spirit and values of Chinese people has incited heated debates and conversations.

The contents of the drafted law entails punishment ranging from fines to imprisonment if found guilty.

 According to BBC, the contents of the draft suggest that people who wear or force others to wear clothing and symbols that “undermine the spirit or hurt the feelings of the Chinese nation” could be detained for up to 15 days and fined up to 5,000 yuan ($680; £550).

The proposed law has garnered an array of reactions on the internet with members of the online community rebuke the Asian nation for their attempt to place restrictions on right to expression and freedom of speech of the citizens.

Denizens of social media have also grown curious as to how this law, if passed, would be implemented. What would be a violation of this law?

“Will wearing a suit and tie count? Marxism originated in the West. Would its presence in China also count as hurting national feelings,” A Chinese citizen asked on a social platform.

“Does this mean that Xi & the Politburo will be prosecuted for wearing western-styles suits & ties, which are surely an affront to traditional Chinese culture and hence would automatically offend any true Chinese so-called ‘patriot’!?” Another X user comments.