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Chis Wallace Will Be Throwing a New Round Of “Hissy Fits” After He Hears This Disastrous New CNN Update



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Well, there’s nothing like watching the bad guys get their just desserts, is there?


And that’s exactly what’s exactly happening to the #1 Enemy of The People, CNN, right this moment.

As you likely know, CNN thought for some odd reason that people would PAY for their fake news content, when they won’t even watch it for free.

Can you imagine paying money to sit and watch Brian Stelter bellyache about Fox News, or listening to accused sexual assaulter Don Lemon complain about white people?

CNN has the worst ratings of all the cable news networks, so it’s a real mystery why anyone thought Americans would pay to watch their streaming channel when the content they’re offering is basically the same nonsense you can already watch.

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So, it was not a shock that after just a couple of weeks, the entire CNN+ project was imploding.

We heard Chris Wallace, who left his well-respected and successful gig at Fox News to become a turd in the CNN toilet bowl, was having daily meltdowns and throwing hissy fits, demanding a new “slot” on regular “CNN.”

The whole thing is a hilarious comedy of errors and further proof that the “beltway” might be filled with Ivy League brainiacs, but when it comes to common sense and understanding what’s going on outside of their bubble, they’re all complete and total idiots.

And now, just when you think it couldn’t get worse for CNN… it does.

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Axios is now reporting that things are so bad over at CNN+ that the whole entire project looks like it’s about to be tossed in the trash heap.

Screen Shot 2022 04 19 at 3.41.46 PM

Warner Bros. Discovery has suspended all external marketing spend for CNN+ and has laid off CNN’s longtime chief financial officer as it weighs what to do with the subscription streaming service moving forward, five sources tell Axios.

Discovery executives are frustrated that the service launched. If CNN held off launching CNN+ until after the merger, it would have been easier to pivot the company’s efforts towards something better aligned with Discovery’s goals.

Discovery executives are focused mostly on returning CNN to its journalistic core, a point Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav reiterated in a town hall last week. That includes less of a focus on primetime perspective programming, and more of a focus on hard, breaking news. CNN+ features an array of soft news content, which doesn’t align with Discovery’s broader vision for CNN.


Also, Chris Wallace, who we were told wanted Cuomo’s old spot, might be throwing more hissy fits, because the latest scoop is that a plan is being considered to replace Chris Cuomo’s 9:00pm EST prime-time slot with a live newscast, instead of personality-driven perspective programming.

Any way you slice it, if CNN seriously wants to compete, they don’t need an “app.” They need to fire 90 percent of their “talent” and hire people who don’t have Stage 5 TDS.


If that happens, and they just report the news without the DNC/CIA narrative, they will get viewers back.

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Afrique du Sud : Conférence mondiale pour la lutte contre l’augmentation du travail des enfants démarre



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La 5e Conférence mondiale sur l’élimination du travail des enfants s’ouvre à Durban, en Afrique du Sud. L’Organisation internationale du travail (OIT) affirme que plus de 160 millions d’enfants travaillent.

Ce chiffre indique que près d’un enfant sur dix dans le monde est soumis au travail des enfants.

Dans une déclaration du bureau de l’OIT au Nigeria, on peut lire : “Les chiffres sont en hausse, et la pandémie menace d’inverser des années de progrès. Le travail des enfants a particulièrement augmenté dans la tranche d’âge des 5 à 11 ans”.

La conférence appelle donc à une action urgente “forte” pour combattre le nombre croissant d’enfants utilisés dans le travail des enfants.

Le président sud-africain Cyril Ramaphosa, s’exprimant au début d’une semaine de discussions, a appelé les délégués à s’engager à prendre ce qu’il a appelé des “actions de grande envergure” pour faire une différence dans la vie des enfants.

“Nous sommes ici parce que nous partageons la conviction commune que le travail des enfants sous toutes ses facettes est un ennemi. Le travail des enfants est un ennemi du développement de nos enfants et un ennemi du progrès.

“Aucune civilisation, aucun pays, aucune économie ne peut se considérer comme étant à la pointe du progrès si son succès et ses richesses ont été construits sur le dos des enfants”, a déclaré le Président.

Dans la même veine, le directeur général de l’Organisation internationale du travail, M. Guy Ryder, a déclaré que certaines personnes pensent que le travail des enfants est une conséquence inévitable de la pauvreté et qu’il faut l’accepter.

“Mais c’est une erreur. Nous ne pouvons jamais nous résigner au travail des enfants. Nous n’avons pas à le faire.

“Il est essentiel de s’attaquer aux causes profondes, comme la pauvreté des ménages, mais ne vous y trompez pas, le travail des enfants est une violation d’un droit humain fondamental, et notre objectif doit être que chaque enfant, partout, en soit libéré. Nous ne pouvons pas nous reposer avant que cela ne se produise”, a-t-il précisé.

À l’approche de l’échéance de 2025 fixée par les objectifs de développement durable des Nations unies pour l’élimination du travail des enfants, de nombreux intervenants ont souligné, selon le communiqué, l’urgence de récupérer les progrès réalisés dans de nombreuses régions avant la pandémie de COVID-19.

Le communiqué précise que c’est la première fois que la Conférence mondiale sur l’élimination du travail des enfants se tient en Afrique, “une région où, si l’on se base sur les chiffres, le nombre d’enfants qui travaillent est le plus élevé et où les progrès sont les plus lents”.

L’OIT a révélé qu’environ 70 % du travail des enfants sur le continent se fait dans l’agriculture, souvent dans des contextes où les enfants travaillent aux côtés de leur famille.

La conférence s’appuiera sur les quatre précédentes conférences mondiales, organisées à Buenos Aires (2017), Brasilia (2013), La Haye (2010) et Oslo (1997), qui ont permis de sensibiliser au problème, d’évaluer les progrès, de mobiliser des ressources et d’établir une orientation stratégique pour le mouvement mondial contre le travail des enfants.

Elle devrait se conclure par un Appel à l’action de Durban qui présentera des engagements concrets pour intensifier les actions visant à éliminer le travail des enfants.




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Four dead, many injured in Westonaria accident



Four dead many injured in Westonaria accident

Four people were killed and 14 seriously injured in a collision on the N12 near Westonaria, near the R28, on Wednesday night.

Four were pronounced dead at the scene

ER24 spokesman Ineke van Huyssteen said the collision occurred between a taxi and a light vehicle (BMW).

ER24 paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after 19:30 and found multiple patients at the scene.

“Unfortunately, four people were found with fatal injuries and were pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics,”

Van Huesting said.

Two other people were seriously injured and 12 others were slightly injured.

The patients were treated by ER24, GPG and another medical service on site before transporting them to various hospitals for further medical care.

She said their paramedics did not know the exact conditions around them, but local authorities were at the scene conducting further investigations.

Two dead after car crashes into utility pole

Meanwhile, earlier this week, a light motor vehicle struck a light pole on the N12 south of Johannesburg, killing two people and injuring three others.

ER24 and Johannesburg City EMS arrived at 19:00 to find a light motor vehicle hitting a light pole.

“After careful inspection, paramedics found a man and a woman trapped in front of the car.

“Unfortunately, these two patients have already died from multiple injuries. Nothing could be done about them and they were pronounced dead,”

Van Huesting said.

Two other women and a baby were also cared for at the scene.

One woman is in critical condition, while the other woman and baby girl suffered minor injuries.

Medical staff treated the patients and provided advanced life support to the severely injured women before transporting them all to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

What to do after an accident:

  1. park and stay on site
  2. First, stop and, for road safety, turn on the hazard and warn other drivers.
  3. Climb out of the vehicle when it is safe to check for injuries. If you can, take pictures of all vehicle damage in the accident.
  4. help anyone who has been hurt
  5. While you can only be criminally charged for causing an accident and any resulting injury, as a bystander you have a moral obligation to help someone injured in a traffic accident. Help includes contacting an ambulance or rescue unit, even if the injury does not appear to be serious.
  6. It is critical that you do not move the injured party and that you do not give first aid unless you are qualified to do so.
  7. Get details
  8. Record information about everyone involved in road accidents, including personal details, vehicle registration numbers, trailer information and insurance details.
  9. Take note of all road names, landmarks, intersections and robots as you have to draw sketches and accident descriptions in police reports and for insurance purposes.
  10. report an accident
  11. Notify the police within 24 hours of the accident. If the police come to the scene, don’t move anything until they say it’s okay.
  12. Make sure you get an Accident Report (AR) number as it will be required for any insurance claim or third party claim you may make.

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