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Christina Applegate’s fierce response to Candace Owens over wheelchair model controversy

The conservative commentator Candace Owens is being shut down by Christina Applegate following her criticism of an underwear ad featuring a wheelchair-bound woman. Owens blasted Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS clothing line’s 2022 campaign for including a model in a wheelchair promoting products for people with disabilities on her Daily Wire show earlier this week. There’s something I don’t quite understand about how far we’ll take inclusivity. It really doesn’t make sense to me. It’s unclear to me. In response to the ad, Owens said she is open to being educated if she is wrong.

What motivated them to do this? I don’t know why this was necessary. All-inclusivity is tiring me out. It seems absurd. I think wheelchair users will back me up on this, she said. I believe they are on my side. It seems to me that they think this is stupid. It’s a late tweet, yes. Applegate wrote on Twitter on Thursday that she awoke to see the most horrifying thing. Candace is making comments about companies that recognize our need for assistance. There’s something fucking gross about this. Skims and Tommy, Guide beauty, and @neowalksticks provided us with a great time.

Christina Applegate Blasts Conservative Commentator Candace Owens’ Criticism Of Underwear Ad Featuring Wheelchair-Bound Model Says: My Rage Keeps Me Awake

After criticizing an underwear ad featuring a model in a wheelchair, Christina Applegate is shutting down conservative commentator Candace Owens. A clip from Owens’ Daily Wire show sparked outrage yesterday when she blasted an upcoming campaign for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS clothing line featuring a wheelchair-bound model promoting products for people with disabilities. Inclusion is something I’m not really sure how far we’re going to take. There’s something I don’t understand. It’s not clear to me. Educate me if I’m wrong, Owens said in response to the advertisement. What motivated them to do this? Why this needed to be done, I don’t know. All-inclusivity is getting old to me. It seems absurd. As a matter of fact, she claimed that people in wheelchairs would support her claim. They seem to be on my side. They probably think this is stupid. Yes, I posted it late. On Thursday, Christina Applegate posted on Twitter that she woke up to the most horrifying sight. Candace is commenting about companies that see we need help. I find it disgusting. Thanks to Skims, Tommy, Guide Beauty, and @neowalksticks for seeing us. In August 2021, the Bad Moms star Christina Applegate revealed she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, adding, I’m going to try to sleep, but my rage keeps me awake.

If you’ve seen pictures of me, do you remember how difficult it was to get my clothes on? I need a team to help me! As an individual and as part of a community, I am enthusiastic about accessibility clothing. I hope you wake up soon. In a later tweet, she wrote, I thought my last tweet was adequate. Then my heart told me something else. There is no rage. Candace can contact me if she wants to learn more about being disabled. I won’t come angry. With love, I will come. It’s important for her to hear that. My sincere prayers are with her tonight. Owens’ comments were also rebuffed by a wheelchair user, who explained that wheelchair users do not agree with his viewpoints. In a recent interview with Forbes, Haleigh Rosa, the model in the ad, expressed shock at the political commentator’s comments, stating that it is often assumed that the disability community is to blame. People with disabilities I know are some of the most resilient people I know. [Owens] can reach out to me if she is truly interested in educating herself. I believe in the power of education; I don’t believe in cancel culture. It would be great to have a conversation with Candace and educate her. In a video posted online Wednesday, the political pundit Candace Owens addressed the controversy after being slammed online.



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