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Christopher Nolan Once Wasn’t a Fan of Comic Book Movies, But There Was 1 Exception

Although Christopher Nolan reinvented comic book movies with his Dark Knight trilogy, the filmmaker asserted he wasn’t a fan of them himself. But there was one superhero film that had everything he wanted to see in the genre.

Christopher Nolan didn’t want his Batman to be in a shared universe with other superheroes’

Christopher Nolan | Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Nowadays, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered an experience where audiences can see multiple comic book superheroes onscreen. The Marvel heroes teaming up for the first time in 2012’s The Avengers marked a significant shift in cinema. But before The Avengers, Nolan took a different approach with his Batman films by making the caped crusader the only superhero in his world.



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