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Chuck Norris' Over-The-Top '80s Action Film That Is Inspired By Real Life Events

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“The Delta Force,” while hardly a masterclass in filmmaking, a critical favorite, or a box office standout, managed to score some sequels. In 1990, the first of two, titled “Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection,” arrived in theaters, taking moviegoers along with Scott McCoy to the fictional South American nation of San Carlos. He and his team are tasked with rescuing hostages in addition to disrupting the flow of drugs from the country into the United States. Unlike its predecessor, this film isn’t based on any particular historical moments.

“The Colombian Connection” turned out to be an undeniable bomb, striking out with critics and failing to turn a profit by the time it left theaters. With that, it appeared that the “Delta Force” franchise was a thing of the past, but this wasn’t the case. The following year, a third film in the franchise released to the public via the direct-to-video route. “Delta Force 3: The Killing Game” puts the spotlight on Chuck Norris’ son, Mike, along with a new cast of Delta team operatives. Much like “The Colombian Connection,” it lacks a real-world anchor and was torn apart upon release.

The two “Delta Force” sequels don’t have much going for them, hence why they failed to become classics in the action genre. It likely wouldn’t have made much of a difference, but perhaps, they could’ve benefitted from real-life inspiration. After all, the original “Delta Force” being tied to the Flight 847 hijacking and Operation Entebbe has certainly helped it maintain some form of relevance in popular culture.