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Circus Electrique Mixes Steampunk Simulation & Turn-Based Combat

Upcoming game Circus Electrique is an RPG set in a Victorian, steampunk-style London that combines turn-based fighting and circus management.

The upcoming RPG game Circus Electrique is a unique turn-based title that combines fighting and circus management. The innovative game was first announced in late 2021 and is set to release sometime in 2022. While numerous action and turn-based games have recently started implementing more simulation and sandbox mechanics, Circus Electrique appears to combine the elements in a unique way, making it an interesting choice for those who enjoy experimental titles.

When Circus Electrique was announced, it teased a turn-based game about a team of circus performers in 1899 fighting for their lives as madness takes over the people around them – all while still needing to perform at the circus. The turn-based tactical genre is one that’s become increasingly popular in recent years, with titles like Darkest Dungeon and Slay The Spire offering fresh new takes on common tropes and garnering wider audiences for the style of gameplay. Some common elements that play a big role in recent titles are management of party happiness, fighter placement, and elements of simulation alongside fighting.

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A new gameplay overview trailer shared by the Circus Electrique YouTube account (via PCGamer) has given more insight into what players can expect. The new trailer displays combat footage, showing off Victorian steampunk designs, and gives an overview of different fighting mechanics from characters like a Strong Man and Fire Blower. The title’s lead writer Chris Baker narrates the trailer, describing how players will need to consider the position of their fighters, how it relates to their move set, the overall morale of their party, and maintain resources for successful circus performances. These aspects must be juggled alongside trying to figure out what has driven the city’s residents into madness.

Although the mechanics of Circus Electrique do sound similar to titles like Darkest Dungeon, the game has put new and interesting twists on core features. For example, the addition of a potential business simulation element is bound to be incredibly appealing for many players. Although it’s not yet clear exactly how complex Circus Electrique‘s circus management mechanics will go, the fact that players will have to balance their characters as both performers and fighters is a welcome twist.

Circus Electrique‘s steampunk art style and fun, cartoonish fighter moves seem like they will provide a good mixture of silliness and darkness. There is undoubtedly more to learn about the game’s characters, mechanics, and story, but this initial gameplay trailer is a delightful first look at a unique upcoming game. While a release date is still pending for Circus Electrique, it is likely further updates and gameplay trailers will continue to build excitement for RPG fans.

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Source: Circus Electrique/YouTube, PCGamer

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