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Clayton Kershaw will play next season, but maybe not with the Dodgers



Clayton Kershaw will play next season, but maybe not for the Dodgers.

With each season coming to a close, Dodgers fans are holding their breath to hear what Clayton Kershaw will do next season. Half the fear is that he will sign with another team and the other fear is retirement, whatever he chooses, people want him to remain elusive forever.

We all know that may not happen.

Kershaw The contract with the team is coming to an endAnd, like last season, he could play a shot at another franchise.

Dodgers icon Clayton Kershaw reveals his plans for next season

In a recent interview with Los Angeles TimesKershaw provided an update on his plans for next season.

“So far, I haven’t given much thought to next year,” he told outlets. “But I think I tend not to play for sure.”

Well, that’s good news for people who want to keep seeing him play, but that doesn’t totally mean he’s going to be in LA. Do you remember how close he came to signing with the Texas Rangers last season?

“I have the right to change my mind,” he told outlets, “but as of today, I think I have at least one more time.”

The club clearly wants him to stay, as do the fans.

“I think Clayton epitomizes everything we’ve done, everything we do,” Dave Roberts told the outlet.

Many are wondering if Kershaw can stick to Kershaw’s standards for another season, but that’s not a concern at the moment for the star.

“I can manage it, sure, and there’s probably a time when it can last eight months out of the year and be good. I still think that’s there,” he told the outlet.

Unfortunately, none of this is the answer Dodgers fans want, unless he’s committed to his last season as the Dodgers blue.

And Texas, where his family lives, seems to be calling him more and more every day.

“Kali plays football, she plays basketball,” Kershaw told the outlets. “Charlie does all kinds of fun things, sort of getting into baseball a little bit. I don’t want to miss those things either.”



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