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Colby Richards missing: Was he last seen in the woods?

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Woodlands resident Colby Richards has been missing since Friday morning. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office canceled his hunt. Texas EquuSearch, based near Dickinson, is in contact with the family to discuss how to continue the search over the weekend. Richards’ wife Callie reported him missing on Friday and the sheriff’s office began a search for him. Sheriff Lt. Scott Spencer said Wednesday there was no “viable” information to suggest Richards was in the woods near his home on Musgrove Place, which is located in the Woodlands Alden Bridge community south of FM 1488 and West Texas 242. .

Colby Richards missing

The Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers and Montgomery County Hunt and Rescue are just a few of the organizations the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with to assist in the search for Mr. Richards. In addition to countless other technological tools, we have frequently used ground searches, drones, ATVs, horses, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and canine units. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating his disappearance, although extensive search efforts have been unsuccessful. Richards wore a t-shirt, black shorts and gray Under Armor shoes when he last visited. Richards has blonde hair, blue eyes and is 6ft 3in tall. It also weighs 195 pounds.

Allison Fox, who is Richard’s cousin and represents the family, said her relatives were still coordinating the search for volunteers. To share updates on the search, the family created a Facebook page called Help us find Colby Richards. On Wednesday, the family urged anyone who may have seen Richards to dial 911 instead of contacting him. When his wife woke up Friday morning and didn’t find Richards in the house, Fox said Richards was getting ready for work. Callie Richards realized the door was open after inspecting the backyard, which was odd considering the couple have young children and pets.

Fox said: Fox said Richards’ water bottle was discovered at a trailhead, but he didn’t leave his keys or cellphone. Former baseball player and part-time private baseball coach Richards was renowned for his meditation and walks. She said: According to Fox, the past few days have been difficult as news of the pair and Richards’ kidnapping spread on social media. She claimed the family were ‘desperate’ to locate him and were providing all the information they had. Regarding comments on social media that his wife was not being honest with legal authorities, Fox said: “What’s frustrating and fueling speculation online is that there are so few things to do.” We desperately need to find something that would give us more information on where to work because there is so little to do. So, stay tuned for PKB news.