Coldplay’ Green Revolution: Tour’s Environmental Impact Slashed by 47% and 5 Million Trees Planted


Coldplay has done an amazing job by reducing their tour’s impact on the environment to 47% and has planted about five million trees. With so many musical tours happening this year. The impact of the same must have been there on the environment as well. However, Coldplay took a step towards reducing those impact and have been successful in it too.

Read ahead to know more about Coldplay reduced 47% of their tour’s environmental impact and has planted 5 million trees.

Coldplay and their Music Of The Spheres tour

We got to see so many musical tours happening this year and fans loved it too. However, such musical tours do have an impact on the environment as well that often gets neglected. Yet, Coldplay had set their plans differently for the Music Of The Spheres tour.

Coldplay gave their fans a treat with their Music Of The Spheres tour. But along with successfully carrying out their tour. They even managed to get their social obligations toward the environment fulfilled too. Yes, Coldplay tried their best to reduce their tour’s impact on the environment.

Coldplay gets their tour’s environmental impact reduced to 47%

Coldplay has been one of the most popular bands of all time. While the tours of the band are always crowded. This time with their Music Of The Spheres tour, the band has tried to leave an impact for the benefit of the environment too. In fact, their tour has already achieved the target of getting their carbon emission reduced to 47%.

They shared “When we first announced the Music Of The Spheres Tour, we hoped to make it as environmentally beneficial as possible and reduce our direct carbon emissions (from show production, freight, band, and crew travel) by 50%”. The reports now say they have reached close to 47% in doing so.

What’s more Coldplay doing towards the environment?

Coldplay has some more plans as they enter the second year of their tour. They have said, “Now that we’re into the second year of the tour, we’ve started to run the entire show (audio, lights, lasers etc) from an electric battery system that allows us to use 100% renewable energy as efficiently as possible”.

The band has certainly been trying to cut carbon emissions to safeguard the environment. While fans in their own way have been trying to contribute towards it too. Not to miss, Coldplay so far has planted about 5 million trees that’s something good enough towards protecting the environment.

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