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CONFIRMED: Old Biden is Losing His Mind

It is already a well-established fact that the President of the Biden administration is not in a very good mental state. However, old Biden has done nothing to bring relief to worried Americans. Instead, he does the exact opposite.

On Friday, old Joe was giving a speech to teachers at the National Education Association headquarters when he suddenly pointed towards the audience and recognized someone who supposedly eloped him when he was 30. Not only was the recognition inappropriate, but it was also very confusing and meaningless. However, the President did not earn the nickname “Creepy Joe” for nothing.

As he pointed to the audience, Biden said, “You gotta say hi to me. We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.”

We see why Biden has refused to take the cognitive tests despite all the criticism and requests. Needless to say that Biden is the oldest politician in America and should be in a retirement home. This same Biden pauses mid-speech to recognize someone who supposedly helped him in the past.

Biden did not mention anyone’s name or clarify who he was referring to, and no one in the crowd seemed to accept his acknowledgment. Moreso, of all the people present on Friday, it is doubtful that old Biden’s retentive skills would have been the best. Yet, how does Biden fish out someone who supposedly helped him about five decades ago? This person at the time was just 12 years old and is definitely a full-grown woman now, yet Biden just easily pointed her out from the crowd?

Who he was referring to and the help he received from that 12-year-old is just another unsolved puzzle that old Joe has left Americans to find out alone.

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Moving on, Joe pretended he did not just confuse the audience with his comment and went ahead to target his dear extremists again. He claimed that students around the country have not been in the best state to learn recently because the republicans insistently support gun ownership.

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How both subjects are related is only known to Biden, but that accusation goes right into the book of baseless claims by crazy Biden.

The President claimed, “Gun violence is on the ballot. The idea that you start school this year and kids in many parts of the country are learning to duck and cover … rather than talking about reading, writing and arithmetic is a very different circumstance and it’s not right.”

Still playing the antagonist game, Biden continued his accusations, “So let’s take a look at what Kevin said today. He said Republicans want to ‘preserve our constitution freedom.’ That sounds great. I’m for doing that as well, we all are. But look at what they’ve actually done: MAGA Republicans just cheered and embrace the first Supreme Court decision in our entire history … that actually took away a fundamental right.”


Biden’s speech on Friday was practically him antagonizing Republicans with a little display of craziness, just the typical Biden we are getting used to.

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