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The space industry has recently passed the horizon to enter a new golden age. This sector is currently experiencing an industrial revolutionbut many rockets are not able to meet the requirements of heavy space transport, and the cost of such launches is often too high.

HStar Space Transport is an aerospace company that is revolutionizing the diverse space transportation market segment by developing fully reusable heavy-duty rockets and providing service solutions to transport passengers and satellites into space.

“For the new gold rush of resources and infrastructure in space, we are not building shovels, but trains,” says Enzo Bleze, CEO of HStar. “Transportation services like ours will truly move the entire industry forward. »

HStar strives to help countries and organizations around the world participate in the space industry, paving the way for new international developments and partnerships. The American start-up aims to offer its customers a safe and reliable travel experience. By improving the safety and reliability of spaceflight, it will enable organizations and individuals to embark on innovative space missions, giving them the opportunity to explore areas and possibilities never before considered. These services include satellite deployment, manned travel and freight transportation.

The company was co-founded by Frenchman Enzo Bléze and his American partner Nick Orenstein, the company’s manned flight leader. Enzo Bleze’s ambition is to hire the best talent in the aerospace industry and attract funding in order to disrupt the space industry for the good of humanity. Nick Orenstein, former engineer of SpaceXis passionate about improving life in the world and advancing human spaceflight, being involved in the development of the Crew Dragon spacecraft at SpaceX.

Together, they seek to create a more inclusive and collaborative space industry, providing new opportunities for nations and talent around the world. HStar brought together a team of world-class leaders who previously worked in the biggest space companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Viasat, the NASA and many more, to build a bright future for space transportation. To ensure that their ambitions are realized, the company has put in place an action plan that will take into account the contributions of governments.

Today, their goal is to make it easier for talented people to work by giving them the opportunity to use their skills where they are most needed, which will prompt some countries to change immigration laws. They also strive to promote international collaboration within the space industry and governments to build spaceports across continents.

“Every night when many of us look at the stars and the moon, we dream of going into space. The 20-seat spacecraft of HStar will allow people around the world to live those dreams faster and more affordably than ever before,” says Nick Orenstein. “Traveling in space also has a positive impact on life on Earth, as it gives us the shared feeling that we are all part of one humanity on this beautiful planet. More space travel also means more new jobs on Earth to build this exciting future together. »

Although it is a challenge, HStar and various companies have already begun to improve the way industry uses space to benefit Earth.

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