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Cooler Master's MM712 Gaming Mouse Gets New Lightweight Design

Cooler Master is launching the MM712 gaming mouse today, featuring all of the same great features as the MM711, but with one noticeable adjustment. For those unfamiliar, the MM711 is one of Cooler Master’s most popular gaming mice. It comes in at a reasonable price tag, and has tons of features like hybrid wireless connection with 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.1. It also has PTFE feet, optical micro switches, and an ultraweave cable that Cooler Master says can help prevent snags.

It features RGB as well. In addition to a honeycomb design that makes it easy to see those lights when enabled. This is where the new Cooler Master MM712 mouse differs.

The Cooler Master MM712 gaming mouse gets rid of the honeycomb pattern design

Say goodbye to the honeycomb pattern on the new MM712. Cooler Master is leaving it behind with the MM711. The good news is that the MM712 is carrying on the legacy of what made the MM711 so good. The lightweight build. Even with the design changes, Cooler Master says the new mouse is still the same total weight. 59g.

This means if you’re due for an upgrade and you already use the MM711, you probably want to go with the MM712. At least if what you loved about it was the lightweight build. While not everyone prefers this makeup, a lightweight mouse can be really good for quick movements across the mouse mat. And Cooler Master knows this which is why it didn’t want to get rid of that detail in the follow-up model.

The mouse also features a 19,000 dpi sensor and is rated for 70 million clicks. So it’s a pretty safe bet the switches aren’t going out on you anytime soon.

The MM712 goes up for pre-order today for $69.99, which was the initial price of the MM711. The MM712 also comes in two available colorways. Black and White. Or if you feel like saving a little money, the MM711 is now down to as low as $29.99 for certain colorways, ranging all the way back up to the original $69.99 price.



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