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Copenhagen Cowboy Ending, Explained: Who is Rakel?

Netflix’s ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ is a psychedelic combination of crime and supernatural, the type of story which will solely come from the ideas of Nicolas Winding Refn. The current begins with a character named Miu and the thriller surrounding her, nonetheless by the highest of the current, it expands to a quite a bit higher scale, paving the path for a broader storyline in the end. The story progresses at what might very effectively be considered a conventionally sluggish tempo, taking its time with every shot and every scene. Yet, throughout the ultimate fifteen minutes quite a bit happens immediately that the viewer is left with loads of questions. Here, we break down that difficult ending and clear the view to see what the long term holds for Miu. SPOILERS AHEAD

Copenhagen Cowboy Plot Synopsis

Image Credit: Magnus Nordenhof Jønck / Netflix

Miu, considered an excellent luck attraction, is bought by a woman named Rosella, who wishes to be pregnant. At first, it seems like her powers may have labored, nonetheless then Rosella turns into glad that Miu doesn’t ship good luck. Instead, she has a darkness about her that brings unhealthy points to people around her. She supplies over Miu to her brother, who runs an escort service.

Here, Miu meets Cimona, a girl who acquired right here to Denmark with the hopes of turning right into a model nonetheless is now caught on this life. She supplies Miu an escape plan they often resolve to fulfill at a delegated degree. Cimona reveals up early and sooner than Miu arrives, she takes a carry from Nicklas, who later kills her. Cimona’s sudden absence causes Miu to embark on a path that ends in the destruction of many people alongside the best way through which.

In between this, we moreover get acquainted with Nicklas and his family, all of whom seem merely as mysterious as Miu. Nicklas, significantly, turns into fixated on Miu, after seeing her profile on the escort service web page. However, as soon as they lastly meet, Miu proves to be much more extremely efficient and tough than he imagined. This leads him to seek for any person who can match her power and make her pay for what she did to him.

Copenhagen Cowboy Ending: Who and What is Rakel?

Image Credit: Magnus Nordenhof Jønck / Netflix

There are loads of weird points about Miu, which make her an intriguing character, however when there’s any person additional mysterious than her, it’s Nicklas and his family. On the ground, they look like merely one different rich, peculiar family. But there are explicit points about them that reveal their earlier. It is apparent that they don’t appear to be common human beings. They are dangerous and have psychopathic tendencies, nonetheless it has additional to do with their supernatural character, which is further highlighted with the introduction of Rakel.

On discovering that Miu isn’t only one different common human being, Nicklas is pressured to easily settle for that he can’t battle her alone. He needs any person who’s much more extremely efficient than him and has the mettle to go up in the direction of Miu. This is when the spirit of his sister, Rakel, appears to him. She asks him to wake her using the blood of their mother. The aesthetic of her inside a coffin and being awoke with the blood dripping on her mouth signifies that she is an immortal being, in all probability a vampire.

Considering that she is his sister, Nicklas, too, is a vampire or a supernatural creature that falls in a similar class. The bottom line is that their life span is way over common folks, as at one degree, Aske mentions that he has been serving their family for a whole bunch of years. What models Nicklas apart from Rakel is that she has powers very similar to Miu’s. Because she is far older and has been acutely aware of her powers for for for much longer, she exercises increased administration over them, making her additional extremely efficient than Miu, who continues to be searching for out the place she acquired right here from.

The scene the place Miu sees Rakel in her ideas and is attacked by her proves that Rakel’s energies are much more focused and are, due to this fact, much more dangerous. We see her capturing lasers out of her eyes, which could put her within the similar bracket as Superman. At one degree, Miu mentions having an encounter with aliens when she was a toddler, which could degree in path of the chance that others like her moreover come from one different world, which is why they don’t observe the ideas of this world.

What are Miu and the Girls in Blue Clothes?

While we’re fascinated by Miu’s powers, we’re capable of’t help nonetheless marvel what she is. Several characters ask her the similar questions, with all of them arising with their very personal mannequin of who she might very effectively be. But no matter presenting all these potentialities to us, the current in no way confirms who she is. At least, circuitously. It is throughout the remaining scene when Miroslav tries to study the best way to survive Miu and her powers that she is often known as a spirit. She is already extremely efficient on her private, nonetheless then, we uncover that she isn’t alone. She is many, a part of a cluster, and she or he had been unaware of it merely as quite a bit as a result of the viewers.

An entire lot of Miu’s earlier stays shrouded in thriller, significantly in relation to her origins. She asks Miroslav about it, displaying that she doesn’t know the place she comes from. Her powers make her a singular explicit person who’s sought by everyone who wishes to utilize her to get what they want. This isolates her rather more from the rest of the people and we’re capable of see that loneliness inside her in every physique. This is why, she merely will get hooked as much as the those who current her even the slightest kindness, and she or he is capable of go to any lengths to help or avenge them.

Miu tries to find out additional points about herself, nonetheless Rakel immediately is conscious of what she is and the entire points that her power can do, indicating that Rakel has been doing it for for for much longer than Miu. This signifies that they could have originated from the similar place, nonetheless there’s a marked distinction between the two of them. Despite her powers, Miu seems to be an excellent explicit individual. Rakel, alternatively, is an instantaneous villain who seeks nothing nonetheless to destroy Miu and others.

It is Rakel who first mentions that Miu isn’t one nonetheless many, after which we uncover Miu strolling proper right into a forest and meeting with the ladies who’re dressed equally. All the ladies seem to have comparable powers and though they seem completely totally different from each other, all of them have the similar posture. They stroll and stand within the similar methodology. It is possible that each a kind of girls are actually completely totally different sides of Miu’s persona. When Rakel talked about that she is many, she might very effectively be referring to the reality that she is significantly of a legion.

Another threat is that each a kind of girls are very precise, and further of a bunch that Miu belongs to. Considering that Miu was as compared with a witch at various elements throughout the story, it’s doable that that is her coven. They have been prepared for her all this whereas, as she explored and enhanced her powers, and now may very well be the time for all of them to get collectively. Though it stays to be seen what they should do subsequent, significantly now that Rakel has set her eyes on Miu and is intent on destroying her.

What are the Giants?

Image Credit: Magnus Nordenhof Jønck / Netflix

The undeniable fact that ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ is a supernatural assortment leaves the door open for any number of such points to look throughout the current. Miu and Rakel’s identities might very effectively be perceived in any number of strategies. The threat that they could very effectively be vampires or witches or some weird combination of every stays open. Interestingly, the current in no way will get into the specifics of that, which retains the viewers on their toes regarding the type of world that Refn is creating and whether or not or not it connects to any acknowledged supernatural set. It isn’t until the final word scene that we get a contact as to the place the mythology of ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ might uncover its roots.

In an stunning cameo of Hideo Kojima, it’s revealed that Miu is a spirit and a very extremely efficient one at that. He says advises Miroslav to hunt help from the Giants, who’re the one ones which will battle Miu. Miroslav doesn’t seem too comfortable by the thought. In reality, he seems rather more scared of going to them for help than coping with Miu and the hazard she poses. Even though nothing else is revealed about them, it’s clear that the Giants are rather more extremely efficient beings than Miu. But what exactly are they?

If we go into Scandinavian mythology, the Giants would correspond with the Jötuns. Considering that the story takes place in Copenhagen, one would favor to lean in the direction of this interpretation. But the reality that Hideo, a Japanese, supplies this data to Miroslav makes it just a bit weirder. Once as soon as extra, it makes us marvel if that is merely one different acknowledged time interval used throughout the story nonetheless actually is a radically completely totally different kind of supernatural beings created for the current.

It may search recommendation from the Titans or another interpretation from one other custom. At this degree, one thing is possible. But, one issue’s for sure. Whoever these Giants are, they’re extremely efficient, influential, and positively worthy of their determine, if not in measurement then in fame. Miroslav is conscious of upper than to mess with them, which signifies that should the story proceed, Miu already has a worthy villain.



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