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Cops arrest a man who sneaked into Rihanna’s property to propose to the singer

An overzealous fan of Rihanna was taken into custody after he tried to gain access to the singer’s home in order to propose to her.

Here is everything you need to know.

Man arrested for sneaking into Rihanna’s place to ask for her hand in marriage.

Local authorities revealed to TMZ that a man was apprehended outside Rihanna’s home for attempting to break into the place.

Moreover, they shared that the man had traveled from South Carolina and wanted to get down on one knee in front of the Barbadian star.

If you don’t know, they seemingly traveled to the west coast from the east coast to execute the alleged act.

According to the media outlet, the man simply attempted to walk into the Diamonds singer’s home on 23rd March Thursday with the intent to propose.

However, before he could take a step towards the front door of Rihanna’s home, the man was stopped by security.

In addition, the security was forced to call cops after the man advised them that he was there to ask for the hip hop artist’s hand in marriage.

Subsequently, the man was placed into handcuffs after the police arrived at the scene. The law enforcement then talked to him about sneaking into the homes of celebrities before he was released.

Additionally, cops also explained to him that he should never return to Rihanna’s property.

A fan forced entry into Rihanna’s home in 2018

A man named Eduardo Leon was dramatically taken into custody for breaking into Rihanna’s Los Angeles home back in 2018.

He said that he wanted to spend more time with the now 35-year-old singer.

In addition, it was revealed that Leon squatted for over 12 hours inside Rihanna’s house before he was discovered.

Meanwhile, The Independent reported, that the man told the police that he was waiting for Rihanna to come home so he could have s*x with her.

Besides that, Leon later pleaded no contest to multiple criminal charges including felony counts of stalking and vandalism. He also got a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest.

Subsequently, the Fullerton man was also ordered to stay away from the mother of one for ten years. Also, he received formal probation for five years and had GPS monitoring for ninety days.

According to Sky News, Leon is also ordered to participate in mental health and drug treatment programs.


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