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Copycat Killer Ending, Explained: Who is the Serial Killer?

Directed by Chang Jung-chi and Henri Chang, Netflix’s Chinese-language Taiwanese sequence ‘Copycat Killer’ revolves spherical prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi, who models out to hunt out the serial killer who abducts and kills quite a lot of youthful women inside the metropolis of Songyan inside the Nineties. Kuo battles his private traumas and loses to hunt out the serial killer, who communicates with the investigators and his victims’ households by way of a data channel named TNB. Although the prime suspect inside the case will get acknowledged, the prosecutor’s meticulous investigation leads him to the perception that the earlier is merely an accomplice. The crime sequence ends with Kuo’s makes an try to convey the serial killer to justice. If you’re up for an in depth sort out the similar, proper right here’s what we’re capable of share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Copycat Killer Recap

‘Copycat Killer’ begins with a masked serial killer, referred to as Noh, sending a tape to a renowned television data channel named TNB, threatening to kill prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi. Days sooner than the revealed of the tape, the police uncover a severed hand in a gift subject at a park. Kuo notices that the thumb of the hand is dislocated the similar means a murdered woman’s thumb is found. The prosecutor finds out that the killer used thumb cuffs, which leads him to Tian Cun-yi, the murderer of the sooner sufferer. Kuo meets him at his jail and offers him thumb cuffs, only for the authorized to wrestle to open the similar. The prosecutor concludes that Cun-yi isn’t the true killer of the woman and whoever it’s, he’s a serial killer.

The serial killer kidnaps Cin Yi-jyun subsequent, making her grandfather distribute flyers to hunt out his granddaughter. Lu Yen-jhen of TNB does a story about Yi-jyun’s disappearance to help the latter’s grandfather. The outdated man receives a reputation from the serial killer, who asks the earlier to imitate a canine in public if he must see his granddaughter alive. Although he follows the killer’s instructions, the latter nonetheless kills the woman and sends a videotape of him murdering her to the earlier. Upon watching the similar, Yi-jyun’s grandfather appears in TNB and requests the serial killer to return his granddaughter’s lifeless physique, which is finally found by the authorities.

Kuo notices associated lipstick marks on the faces of Cun-yi’s sufferer and Yi-jyun after their our our bodies had been discovered. The commentary leads him to his ex-girlfriend Hu Yun-huei’s brother and TNB cameraman Hu Jian-ho. Jian-ho assaulted a woman on the age of fifteen and the woman had an identical lipstick mark on her face. Kuo tries to fulfill the woman, solely to be taught that she killed herself. Before killing herself, she had written the title of Jia-wun beneath her mattress. The authorities uncover out that Jia-wun and Jian-ho had been schooltime buddies and classmates. It is revealed that two additional missing women, Zih-cing and Yu-tong, are beneath the custody of Jia-wun.

Kuo and the regulation enforcement officers uncover a dull physique on the residence of Jia-wun and obtained down to find him. Jian-ho meets his pal and asks him to indicate himself in to the police if he has one thing to do with the murders and kidnappings. Jia-wun forces Jian-ho into his vehicle and drives away, solely to get into an accident. The vehicle crash kills every Jia-wun and Jian-ho nonetheless the regulation enforcement officers uncover Yu-tong alive inside the trunk of the crashed vehicle. The regulation enforcement officers and the normal public contemplate that the serial killers are lifeless and gone for good.

Yi-jyun’s grandfather, nonetheless, isn’t happy. He meets Kuo and lets him know that the serial killer who spoke to him sounded older, additional mature, and additional composed than Jia-wun. Meanwhile, Kuo’s uncle lets him know that TNB anchor Chen He-ping talked to him a few e e-book on the serial killer and his murders whereas asking regarding the prosecutor. Kuo thinks regarding the killer always using TNB to talk to the normal public and the manner He-ping described Cun-yi’s sufferer as the major sufferer of the serial killer in his e e-book, significantly when the similarities between the dislocated thumbs didn’t get publicized.

Copycat Killer Ending: Why Does He-ping Kill?

Kuo’s suspicions concerning He-ping being the serial killer finally appears to be true. His murderous instincts obtained right here out when he was a toddler, significantly when he burned down his pet canine alive. After turning into a member of TNB as a reporter, he obtained assigned to rearrange a story regarding the rise of pornography inside the space. He ended up in a sadomasochist membership named Sodom as part of the story, solely to witness people relishing the probability to hurt others. The time he spent on the place revived the sadist in himself as he tortured quite a lot of women who labored on the place. Hurting anyone made him actually really feel superior and extremely efficient.

That was when He-ping obtained linked with Jia-wun, an on a regular basis at Sodom on the time. They kidnapped a woman from KINK, the place the DJ labored. The reporter locked her up and tortured her to essentially really feel the facility he can exert on the kidnapped woman. The duo launched Cun-yi to take the woman’s photos and when he started to fret her dying, He-ping went on to kill her. The reporter strangled her to demise solely to see Cun-yi’s helplessness and fear, which cultivated his effectivity. He started to cherish the administration he had over the photographer, significantly when he requested the latter to confess to the murder if he wanted his father to stay alive.

He-ping then continues to kill for feeling superior and potent. He must be the particular person in administration, which boosts his superiority difficult. More than killing his victims, taunting them or their households makes him actually really feel like he’s nothing nonetheless God. That’s the reason he makes Jia-wun drives his potential victims to their members of the household. He-ping finds satisfaction in seeing the similar members of the household bear attributable to their helplessness whereas he determines the fates of their members of the family. Making  Shang-yong apologize for being a horrible father and Yi-jyun’s grandfather imitate a canine are part of cherishing their helplessness. He-ping witnesses their impotency whereas sitting with them on the TV studio.

Becoming a renowned TV character extra offers to He-ping’s superiority. Even after committing murder after murder, he ends up controlling the narrative by turning into a famed television current host. By proposing theories and pretending to be defending of his sufferer’s members of the household, he makes everybody else a fool in his ideas. In his view, the people spherical him are impotent ample to beg him even after affected by the misfortunes he induced. By killing their members of the family, He-ping offers to their misery, which satisfies his eager for witnessing others’ ache and struggling.

How Does He-ping Get Arrested?

When He-ping kills Yun-huei, his ex-boyfriend Kuo beats the reporter up and fires a gun at him. He-ping turns right into a “victim,” gaining sympathy from all spheres of society whereas the prosecutor ends in jail. Since the one choice to legally lock the reporter up is to elicit a confession from him, Kuo pulls a trick on him. First and foremost, He-ping is a narcissist. He kills for the world to acknowledge him or his murderous alter ego as a superior, potent, and God-like decide. He kills his private senior Yao Ya-cih to indicate to her that he turn into in all probability the most associated specific particular person she is conscious of.

After Ya-cih’s demise, He-ping turns right into a sensation. His e e-book and restoration after getting shot by Kuo add to his rising fame and acceptance. He sees fear of the killer inside the eyes of the people in entrance of him, which boosts his narcissistic character. That’s when Kuo appears as a customer in his current. The prosecutor arranges for an individual to call this method and claims to be the serial killer because it is going to wreck the reporter. When the caller claims to be the true serial killer, He-ping loses his senses. The reporter begins to essentially really feel threatened as a result of the caller tries to steal the authority he gained over his neighborhood.

He-ping, as a narcissist, needs to remain the serial killer to nurture his superiority and authority. When a random caller claims to vary right into a serial killer, he fears that the normal public would start to fret the earlier in its place of him. He is not going to be ready however to vary right into a forgotten star, which makes him reveal that he’s the true serial killer on keep TV. In a delirious state, he reveals how he had devoted the murders using Jia-wun to ensure that nobody will contemplate the fake caller. While revealing that he’s the true killer, He-ping doesn’t discover that he’s confessing to the crimes. He doesn’t even care that he’s arrested because of the others’ fear of him stays to exist attributable to his revelation.

Is He-ping Dead? Who Kills Him?

After getting arrested, He-ping will get sentenced to life imprisonment. After coming out of the courtroom docket, he stands in entrance of reporters to get featured inside the television channels, only for an anonymous specific particular person to infiltrate the gang and stab the earlier, killing him. He-ping’s murderer could possibly be anyone. The most blatant guess is anyone from definitely one in all his sufferer’s households. He-ping has killed at least 4 women and a relative of definitely one in all them could possibly be the anonymous murderer. Otherwise, it might be a vigilante who must revive regulation and order inside the space.

He-ping has influenced an enormous group to discard regulation and order and embrace anarchy. Even when he’ll get tried for the murders, the group requires his launch, proclaiming that he hasn’t completed one thing flawed. Several criminals use He-ping’s masks to commit crimes. If his killer is a vigilante, the specific particular person may need him to stop being an have an effect on to people who tries to imitate him. If not a vigilante, the killer might even be one different narcissist who targets for the spotlight. Since He-ping turns into the hottest subject regionally, the specific particular person may want to push the earlier into oblivion so that he can change the serial killer inside the limelight.



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