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Council tax bond challenges mount as battle to claim £150 off utility bill



Nearly 50,000 homeowners challenged their council taxes last year after £150 off utility bills were handed out to homes in Bands A to D.

More than 13,400 households were moved to a lower tax bracket after a challenge to the Tax Office in the 2021/22 tax year – a success rate of 29 pc.

The number of homeowners challenging their bond rose 22 percent from 40,850 after the government announced that only those in certain municipal tax brackets would receive the cash rebate.

All properties in the UK are divided into council tax brackets A to H, which are based on property appraisals from 1991. Over the years, many people whose properties were incorrectly valued at the time have been able to claim compensation by filing the VOA. ask them to reconsider their band .

The VOA said more people had come forward to question their band following the announcement of the energy discount on February 3, 2022. Under the scheme, households in England’s bands A to D – the lowest rates – are entitled to a £1 discount. 150 on their council taxes to help with rising energy costs.

About 80 percent of households are eligible for the benefit. But nearly five million families will miss it because they live in homes outside the qualifying bands. In some cases, these are low-income families who happen to live in properties that were highly prized in the 1990s — an inequality that contributed to nearly 10,000 people challenging their bond last year.

While many received a discount, people’s tax brackets remained unchanged 63 percent of the time. And 50 households ended up paying more in taxes after moving into a higher band after a challenge. When a house in a street goes up a tire, it can lead to the neighboring properties also paying a higher rate of council tax.

To challenge their bond, people should contact the VOA. They will have to prove that their property was incorrectly valued in 1991.

They may also argue that the valuation is now incorrect due to changes to the property, for example if part of it has been demolished. In these cases, taxpayers must submit a ‘proposal’ to the municipality. If they are rejected, they can appeal to the Taxation Board to request a review.




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