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Croatia: Passenger Traffic Surges in May – 591.7% Increase Recorded Compared to 2021



The traffic in Croatian airports was considerably higher in May compared to the corresponding time last year, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics has revealed.

According to the authority, 860,000 incoming and outgoing passengers were recorded in May, marking a 591.7 per cent increase compared to May numbers when 124,000 passengers were registered in the country, reports.

This trend of increasing numbers of passengers indicates that Croatia was reaching its pre-pandemic levels when over 1.8 million passengers were recorded in the airports. More specifically, the highest rate of passengers was recorded in August of 2021, which was 1.1 million, and almost 70 per cent of such records were hit in May alone.

Furthermore, over two million passengers have been recorded in the country since the year began, with 42 per cent of these rates being registered only in May. In addition, the traffic of freight reached 809,000 during this month, out of a total of 3.7 million recorded between January and May of 2022. As per the aircraft movements, including flights, a total of 31,766 were recorded in 2022.

The main countries of origin for the passengers in May were Germany and the United Kingdom with 198,217 and 163,489 passengers, respectively. Altogether, German and British tourists represent 54.3 per cent or 361,706 passengers of the rough total of 665,697 – including only the top ten sourcing countries of passengers and tourism in May.

“The most significant international traffic of passengers was realised with German airports, 198,000 passengers, which was an increase of 562.9 per cent compared to the same period of 2021,” the press release issued by the authority explains.

Other countries to follow are France (79,351), the Netherlands (56,342), Austria (37,114), Ireland (31,217), Italy (30,402), Poland (24,549), Belgium (22,946) and Sweden (22,070).

Zagreb airport has, however, remained the most visited airport in the country, handling 263,453 passengers or 30.6 per cent of the total, followed closely by the Split airport (249,535), Dubrovnik (213,556), and Zadar (87,869).

As per the remaining airports, those that received fewer than 50,000 passengers as Puka airport did (30,250), Rijeka (12,988) as well as Osijek (1,206) and Brac (1,020).

“The total number of landings and take-offs in airports in May 2022 amounted to 11,004 movements, which was 138.3 per cent more than in May 2021, when the total number of landings and take-offs in airports amounted to 4,618 movements,” the press release further reads.

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