Cruzo. The military march returned to power

Photo: Reproduction of the Brazilian Army, YouTube

On the cover of the new issue of Cruzo, which aired this Friday (13), Claudio Dantas recounts the event that started six years ago the “Military Party”, which now occupies a strategic position in the government of Jair Bolsonaro..

“On February 4, 2016, 17 4-star generals gathered at the headquarters of Brazil for the 304th meeting of the Supreme Command of the Army. The meeting was supposed to deal with recurring issues such as budget, career plan and salary, in addition to hosting the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. “We are starting the four-year planning cycle, this was the first meeting of that cycle. Topics that will guide the next years of activity were discussed, “said the then commander of the army, General Eduardo Villas-Boas, in a concise press release. The official communiqué, of course, did not touch upon the main topic discussed at that meeting, the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, which was to open two months later. In the conditions of overheating of the political scenario, the leadership of the army assessed the possible consequences of the situation, how the crisis could be turned into an opportunity.

(…) This historical preface is essential for anyone who wants to understand the electoral phenomenon of 2018, how the current president of the republic was used by generals as a Trojan horse to come to power (democratically) along with the occupation. , including the position of vice-president, to secure the helm of the process in the event of a repeat offense due to former captain’s disobedience or infidelity. At the end of the four-year “planning cycle”, members of the Supreme Command Assembly have taken up significant positions in government.

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