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Crypto is like investing in nothing



Billionaire Charlie Munger’s stance is not likely to change anytime soon on bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos. Always very critical of cryptocurrencies, he recently said that investors should not “never touch it”.

Never touch it!

At 98, he has lost none of his outspokenness and verve. In any case, with regard to cryptocurrencies, he does not hesitate to share his position each time he is called upon to give his opinion on the question. Recently he said that he would never touch of his life to any of them. “I think anyone who sells this stuff is either delusional or evil. I will not touch cryptocurrencies”, Mr. Munger said.

Charlie Munger is the vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and the closest person to Warren Buffet. He is best known for his significant holdings in companies which are publicly traded: Coca-Cola, Bank of America, American Express, Apple and Berkshire Hathaway. This means that the business investment sector is his favorite terrain.

Although he is ready to make investments in several areas, he remains against cryptocurrencies. His motto towards her is very simple: “Never touch it. Never buy it. Let her pass”.

Cryptocurrencies are a sewer

According to Charlie Munger, people who want to make investments should look to other assets. For example, he recommends buy shares in companies rather than turning to electronic currencies. According to him, it is better to have “a real interest in businesses that are real” rather than in natural cryptocurrencies volatile.

“Cryptocurrency is an investment in nothing, and the person trying to sell you an investment in nothing says, ‘I have a special kind of nothing that’s hard to do more of.’ Munger added. Additionally, he compared digital assets to “a sewer full of malevolent organisms”.

Billionaire Charlie Munger recently reaffirmed his stance when it comes to cryptocurrencies. He remains against any investment in digital assets, since he considers them “a sewer full of malicious organisms”.

Source: Decrypt

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