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CSO who shot dog to death has been arrested (Details)

The estate Chief Security Officer who reportedly shot a dog named Roxie to death has been arrested under instructions from the estate chairman. 

The security officer had shot the dog thrice on the neck despite pleas from the owner. 

Luvdolapo on Twitter has however confirmed that he has been arrested. In his words:

“UPDATE! The killer CSO has been arrested and he said he did it under pressure and on d instructions of d estate chairman. Xtelle, this fight is not for U alone,it’s for all we dog pawrents and we will get justice for Roxie.”


“Good. Why would you shoot a dog that has done nothing to you? Using a bullet on a dog?.He’ll kill a human too.”


“The estate chairman should be arrested. That’s how those people do. Making harsh laws in hiding putting others at the forefront of the consequence.”



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