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Cyclone Freddy survivors at Nanchidwa camp say they are being neglected

Survivors of Cyclone Freddy who are at Nanchidwa camp in Mulanje say they have not been receiving relief items.

One of the survivors Emmanuel Elijah made the remarks when Centre for Democracy and Economic Initiatives (CDEDI) donated items to the camp which he said was the first assistance arriving at the camp.

Elijah said Nanchidwa camp has been neglected because of an impassable roads.

CDEDI has donated maize flour, cooking oil and soya pieces to the Tropical Cyclone Freddy survivors

Elijah said he is grateful to CDEDI for the timely donation saying other organisations need to emulate the gesture.

“We are short of words, all I can say is that on behalf of the people I am grateful for the generosity demonstrated by CDEDI and I’m urging other well-wishers to emulate the king gesture,” said Elijah.

On his part, CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa said his organisation thought it wise to reach out to the survivors at the camp especially considering that it is among the neglected camps.

He said even though the donation is not enough but it will make a difference to the survivors.

The CDEDI Executive Director also called on politicians to leave everything in the hands of technical people so as to efficiently actualize recovery.

“The politicians’ visibility has been highly appreciated and it is time to leave everything to technical people as there are so many irreparable damages. In so doing, it will move from an impression of politicizing the damage created by the cyclone and to the process of reaching meaningful recovery,” he said.

Namiwa also said that Malawi needs to implement National Land Audit so that people are given proper land for settlement saying the much affected by Cyclone Freddy survivors are those whose land was grabbed at gun point by white settlers.

He called for revision of land tenure which he said exists at the disadvantage of local people.

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