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DC Studios Boss Says Batgirl Was 'Not Releasable' and Would Have 'Hurt DC'

Despite the desire of fans to see the canceled Batgirl movie, according to new DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran the movie was “not releasable.” Even though the decision to cancel Batgirl was made before Safran and James Gunn were appointed as joint CEOs of DC Studios to oversee Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC output, he spoke at length about how the release of Batgirl something that could never have happened without impacting the people who worked on it in a negative way. However, he also teased that what happened with the movie doesn’t mean that Batgirl won’t fly at some point in the future in a new project. While announcing the new DCU slate of projects, Safran said of Batgirl:

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One of the biggest reasons many were so desperate to see Batgirl was down to the inclusion of Brendan Fraser in what would have been one of his first major roles for a number of years. As Firefly, Fraser would have played the villain of the movie, and would have clashed with Leslie Grace’s Batgirl multiple times in the movie.

Another big disappointment for many was the loss of another appearance by both Michael Keaton as Batman and J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. While Keaton’s appearance was expected to be only a small role, the return of Michael Keaton to the role after 30 years was a big crowd-pleaser and would have certainly drawn in many people in the same way that Superman’s Black Adam cameo because a focal point of Black Adam. However, like Black Adam, this may not have ended up being for the best, especially given Safran’s comments.



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