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De Bethel Cat for Sale 2020

De Bethel Cat for Sale 2020: In 1960, Joan and David de Bethel began making papier-mâché cats and bears. They were intricately made and quite costly – each piece took at least a day to paint alone. Joan took up an idea that they had been tossing around before David’s death and got Rye Pottery to supply soft biscuit fired models, which she Painted and returned to the pottery for glaze firing.

De Bethel Cat for Sale 2020
De bethel cat for sale 2020

Many failures occurred as a result of the ceramic paint smudging easily when dry, making successful transportation of the pieces difficult. Joan had to go to Cinque Ports Pottery to supplement the supply of bisque blanks because demand was so high. During a period of exceptionally high demand, the Cinque Ports decorators were forced to assist by painting some pieces, which led Joan to allow Cinque Ports to produce their own models, which were very similar to hers.

The production method was changed as a result. Joan used hard-fired biscuits instead of soft biscuit-fired blanks and painted it with acrylic paint before finishing it with marine varnish, eliminating the need for a second firing and the problem of smudging. For the first time after the death of her husband, Joan took up an idea they had discussed before his death; she obtained soft biscuit-fired models from Rye Pottery, which she decorated, and returned the models for a final glaze firing.

Ceramic Paint Smudges so Quickly

Because the ceramic paint smudges so quickly after drying, transporting the pieces was a constant source of frustration and failure. When the demand for bisque blanks skyrocketed, Joan had no choice but to go to Cinque Ports Pottery and get more. As a result of the Cinque Ports decorators helping out during a time of high demand, Joan agreed to enable Cinque Ports to produce their own models that were strikingly identical to hers. As a result, the method of manufacture was altered. It was not necessary to re-fire the piece because Joan used hard-fired biscuit instead of soft-fired blanks and painted it with acrylic paint before sealing it with marine varnish.

Cinque Ports Pottery is solely responsible for all items marked with the Cinque Ports back stamp and From a design by Joan de Bethel. Painter Joan B. Rye created the pieces, which were then glazed, and then burnt at Cinque Ports. A Joan de Bethel model is one that has been painstakingly painted by Joan, then coated in marine varnish (marine glaze). Joan manufactured and painted all of the papier-mâché things, no matter how they were designated. A year after Cinque Ports Pottery closed its doors, Ben Sharp, who had worked with Joan at Cinque Ports, has taken over manufacturing of the blanks at David Sharp Pottery.

De Bethel Cat for Sale 2020
De bethel cat for sale 2020

The de Bethel pieces have a significant collector’s market. They sell for considerable money, but the papier mâché originals sell for a lot more. Unless you’ve handled both varieties, it can be difficult to tell the difference between ceramic and papier-mâché models. The papier-mâché models are quite hard and hefty, but the pottery models are hollow. De Bethel’s works may be distinguished from Cinque Ports by the mark on the base. The largest pottery cat measures roughly 7 inches (178mm) in height.

Joan de Bethal is a well-known painter and former designer

A signature is required for all shipments, which are dispatched via recorded delivery. When you see price, you’ll see that it includes the signed fee. If you have any questions, you may reach me at 07760755656. Emails that appear to be spam will be rejected by my system. Thanks, Steven Description: Joan & David de bethel’s Carved Wooden Cat is a gorgeous and very lovely and uncommon piece.

The De Bethal cats have a romantic story and history with them being developed and made in papier mache by Joan and David De Bethal and given to friends, with the early ones being dedicated on the rear collar. The base of the latter ones was marked. As someone who has seen and sold De Bethal cats, I can tell right away that this is the real deal. The telltale clue is the figure. To be more specific, there are a total of eight (eight) noses and four (four) whiskers on each one. The forelegs and tail are also painted individually. If you’re a fan of Joan and David De Bethal cats, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here.

This is a hand-carved solid wood cat, not papier mache as I first assumed. I’m not aware of any other carved solid wood cats, so this could be the first prototype. Collectors of De Bethal cats won’t want to miss out on this opportunity… Size is a factor (inches) Approximately 4.25″ high by 2.75″ wide. Condition: Based on what I’ve seen thus far, and as seen by the images, I believe this to be in good shape. Checked:(sp17/11/11) Policy on refunds However, I will only accept returns that are expected. To return an item, please contact us at 07760755656 and not email us, so that we can schedule you and process your return as fast as possible.

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