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Debunked: Claims of Vigilante Shooting Chinese Spy Balloon

Amid the Chinese spy balloon trending on the internet an Instagram post going viral with a crashed balloon and a man with a gun. Well, ... has been going viral and everyone’s thinking about whether ... showing the man with a white balloon is real or not. As lately the Chinese spy balloon made headlines too.

Read ahead to know more about an Instagram post with a man and a white crashed balloon going viral amid Chinese spy balloon.

An Instagram post with a man and crashed balloon goes viral

An Instagram post by the name @deinfringe_ has been trending on the internet with a pic showing a man with a gun. What grabbed everyone’s attention was a white balloon next to the man looking in the pic it as if it had crashed at the moment.

The viral post read “BREAKING: A local man has SHOT DOWN the CHINESE SPY BALLOON in an EXTRAORDINARY act of vigilantism”. While this has made all react on the same. But who is the man in the viral Instagram post?

Who’s the man in the viral Instagram post going viral man with a gun and white balloon?

The viral pic on Instagram that shows the man with a gun and a white balloon is actually a comedian Sam Hyde. Hyde is popular for his pranks and internet hoaxes. While the latest Instagram post showing a man with a gun and the white balloon is one of his pranks.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the pic of the balloon was actually something taken in 2015. It was a 240-foot helium-filled balloon from US military facility in Maryland. However, after traveling 150 miles it deflated and crashed to the ground.

The viral incident of the Chinese spy balloon being shot

One of the viral incidents that made headlines in recent days was the Chinese spy balloon. It was on 4th February a Chinese spy balloon was shot down by a US fighter jet. The balloon was actually about 200 feet tall. That’s taller than the Statue Of Liberty.

The video of the same was even shared on Twitter. Where the video showed US fighter jet shooting down the balloon. It was back on 28th January that the balloon entered Alaskan airspace. Later it flew towards Canada and then eventually it came to the US airspace over Idaho. Finally, on 4th Feb, the balloon was shot down.

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