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DEBUNKED: Kanye West is not legally changing his name to Yitler

The latest news about rapper Kanye West doing rounds on the internet claims he is changing his name to “Yitler”. Well, Kanye West is hardly away from the limelight. Mostly that’s because of his remarks that don’t go well with anyone. But why is the internet having the news that the rapper is having his name changed to “Yitler”. Here’s what we know.

Read ahead to know more about rumours about Kanye West changing his name to “Yitler”.

Why is Kanye West making headlines these days?

There are some celebs that draw attention towards themselves from literally everything they say. Well, one of them is rapper Kanye West. Yes, Kanye has been lately making some anti-Semitic remarks that’s not going well with people. In fact, post all of those he was even facing a ban on Twitter for several weeks.

Recently though Kanye West had his Twitter account restored. Post which it seems that his remarks are going to create some more headlines. As we recently had some rumours about him going viral on the internet. That has made all think if it’s true or not.

Rumours about Kanye West changing his name to Yitler go viral

With all the remarks made by Kanye West. The rumours dragging his name now say that Kanye West is changing his name to Yitler. Yes, which is similar to the name of Adolf Hitler. A website has made those claims about Kanye after he attended the InfoWars show.

InfoWars show recently had one of its attendees Kanye West. That had its host was Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist. Not just that, Kanye West seemed to be defending Hilter in the show. Where his statement had him say “Nazis are kinda cool”. Post which now the rumours going around on the internet says Kanye is changing his name to Yitler.

Has Kanye West changed his name to Yitler in real?

The website The Beaverton after the interview of Kanye claimed that Kanye is having his name changed to Yitler. Not just that, the website claimed that the rapper said “I live my life and I live my truth. And it’s important to me to make sure my identity honors the two people I admire the most- myself and Adolf Hitler”.

However, the website said Kanye West is changing his name to Yitler. It isn’t true in reality as that website claims that is popular for its satirical way of presenting the news. Further, even the disclaimer of the publication said that the organisation is though based on real news but is presented in a fictional and satirical way. Hence, Kanye changing his name to Yitler isn’t actually true.

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