Debunked: Viral Claim of Oliver Anthony Joining Kid Rock and Jason Aldean’s Tour Is False

The latest buzz on the internet is all about an article claiming that Oliver Anthony is coming up with a tour alongside Kid Rock and Jason Aldean to join it. The article announced a “You Can’t Cancel America” tour with Anthony, Rock, and Aldean. If you are already excited about it then here’s what you need to know.

Read ahead to know more about if Oliver Anthony is to come up with Kid Rock and Jason Aldean for a tour.

Article claiming about a tour of Oliver Anthony with Kid Rock and Jason Aldean goes viral

It’s a season for tours from artists to happen. As of now an article by has been claiming that another one to take place. The article published by the website says that Oliver Anthony is soon to arrive with a tour alongside Kid Rock and Jason Aldean.

The tour is titled “You Can’t Cancel America”. As it promises a blend of comedic and musical shows. In fact, the article claimed that the tickets for the tour have been in demand and getting sold out quickly. If you too wish to have your tickets for the upcoming tour. Then here’s everything to know.

Where to find tickets for “You Can’t Cancel America” tour?

The article by has claimed about an exciting “You Can’t Cancel America” tour to happen. Many have been curious to know where to find the tickets for the tour. But the truth of the tour is that there’s no such tour happening.

The information about the “You Can’t Cancel America” tour was shared on a website that posts satirical content. The “About Us” of the website where the details of the Oliver Anthony tour were shared reads as “Our satirical articles provide a fresh and entertaining take on the latest space news, while our analysis delves deep into the technical, financial, and political aspects of space travel”.

Fans’ reaction to Oliver Anthony’s “You Can’t Cancel America” tour

Oliver Anthony’s You Can’t Cancel America tour excited everyone when netizens read about it on the website. However, the tour is actually not anything real. Yet, we did have netizens to react about the same on social media.

One of the user wrote, “I def want to go”. While one wrote, “Now THAT would be a sight to see”. However, later they found out that ... mentioning Oliver’s tour was actually a satirical post on the website and nothing real happening.

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