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Debunked: Was the EPCOT Ball broken by Hurricane Ian?

Hurricane Ian devastated Florida on Wednesday (Sept 28) and tales are flooding social media that the EPCOT ball was broken.

The Category 4 hurricane made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida, inflicting essential damage and leaving over 2.2 million with out vitality.

It hit the island of Cayo Costa near Fort Myers and Cape Coral and went on to batter an unlimited area of shoreline stretching from Naples all the means right down to Sarasota.

Now, the hurricane has been downgraded to Category 1 and moved all through to South Carolina, and an operation to begin out recovering Florida has begun.

Lots of buildings have been ripped to the backside due to the local weather, and some are saying EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth was broken, nevertheless you shouldn’t think about all the items you study on-line…

The EPCOT Ball wasn’t broken by Hurricane Ian

EPCOT’s well-known ball wasn’t destroyed by Hurricane Ian and it stays intact following the acute local weather.

The false rumours began on TikTok the place any person posted a spoof video claiming that Hurricane Ian had destroyed the ball.

“We just received an exclusive photo from inside EPCOT today. As you can see in this photo, Spaceship Earth took on severe damage,” he acknowledged.

The TikTok client then confirmed a picture of the ball which appeared squashed and added: “We don’t know if Disney will destroy the ride or repair it.”

Over 4 million people seen the joke clip, which was posted by a pretend data account known as Mouse Trap News and fooled lots of.

If you take a look at their bio, it’s clear the whole factor was a prank as a result of it says: “Real Disney news that is 100% fake.”

The TikTok client then clarified that it was fake inside the suggestions, writing: “If this were real this would be crazy, luckily it isn’t. We are a fake Disney news site.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Florida,” Mouse Trap News added.


Disney is supposed to be hurricane proof, that’s crazy!! #disneyworld#disneynews#hurricaneian#epcotball#epcot#spaceshipearth

♬ original sound – olinhere – olinhere

EPCOT has reopened after the acute local weather

EPCOT, and all the totally different Disney parks, closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to the extreme local weather.

“Given the latest projections, Walt Disney World theme parks and water parks will be closed on Wednesday, Sept 28 and Thursday, Sept 29,” Walt Disney World wrote in a statement.

“We are thinking of our neighbours across Florida. We will get through this together and will be there to help our cast members and community,” they added the subsequent day.

On Friday (Sept 30), in any case particles had been cleared, all 4 Disney parks reopened and are literally once more to their customary hours.

EPCOT is located in Lake Buena Vista, southwest of Orlando, which was hit by the hurricane when it was downgraded to Category 1.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park will reopen on Sunday, October 2, and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf and Fairways Miniature Golf will keep briefly closed.

The Blizzard Beach water park will be at the second closed for the season.

Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket by means of Getty Images

About Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

Thankfully, EPCOT’S Spaceship Earth wasn’t broken via the storm as a result of it’s probably certainly one of the theme park’s basic factors of curiosity.

The ball is a darkish journey inside an unlimited sphere which has been the park’s most symbolic development ever as a result of it opened in 1982.

“Travel through time and explore the remarkable history of human communication from the Stone Age to the computer age,” the attraction’s description says.

The darkish, gradual journey is located in World Celebration and applicable for all ages, taking you once more by means of historic previous from the dawn of humanity.

It’s the park’s flagship journey and voiced by English actress Judi Dench, who’s most interesting recognized for her perform as M in James Bond.



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