Delete These 101 Malicious Android Apps Before Google Does

It’s hard to keep a track on how many malicious apps managed to penetrate into the Google Play Store servers. There were multiple reports of malicious apps inside of the store in the past months. In fact, if you search through the web, you find reports for every week of the last month. Now, there is a new list of malicious apps that can steal your precious data while we wait for a move from Google. Are you going to wait or will take the route of deleting these malicious Android apps by yourself? In this article (via) we will try to help you with a comprehensive list of malicious apps found in Dr. Web report.

Over 101 apps affected with Malware

In the last week, Dr. Web identified, named, and exposed not less than 101 privacy-violating Android Apps. These Malicious Android apps combined have a huge collection of over 400 million downloads from the official Google Play Store.

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Most of these apps come with the SpinOk spyware module. It is attached to these popular apps and seems to be more widespread than initially through. Another company that claims to “predict cyber threats” also found additional 193 apps capable of snooping their users. This particular group of apps has amassed about 30 million installations so far.

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Unfortunately, Google has not yet removed most of these Malicious Android apps from Play Store. While this does not happen, the number of victims affect can rise. It’s strange to see such delay, considering that these apps have been flagged in multiple instances by distinct cyber-se curity companies. This should happen soon, but As previously mentioned, the number of affected users will keep increasing in every minute. While we wait for an official move from the search giant, to protect yourself, you should delete these apps from any device running Android.

List of Malicious Android apps that can steal your data

That’s a massive list of application, but I strongly recommend check if there is any of those above listed apps on your device. The SpinOk is not here to play games. It’s one of worst malware discovered recently. It infiltrates into your Android phones through marketing SDKs (Software Development Kits) that even app developers might confuse as innocent.

The malware’s goal is often to gather personal data and files from unsuspecting users and transfer all that to remove servers for various shady purposes. For that reason, it’s STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to uninstall these apps from your phone as soon as possible.

Also, it’s better to conduct a good search through the web before installing any app on your device. It may be a little annoying at the start, but will keep you safe from future issues that comes from Malicious Android Apps. Be careful with apps that promise you money since they are one of the favorite spots for malware.

Malicious Android Apps
Malicious Android Apps

Nowadays, there are a lot of games with malware installed so do some research before installing less-known titles.