Demolished Gbenga Daniel’s wife plaza broke town planning law: Dapo Abiodun

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Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun has continued to justify the controversial demolition of the business plaza belonging to Olufunke Daniel, the wife of a former governor of the state, Gbenga Daniel, amid a political rift with her husband. 

The saga began when the Ogun State Ministry of Physical Planning, on the orders of the governor on Sunday, demolished DATKEM Plaza on Folagbade Street, Ibadan Road, Ijebu Ode.

Mr Abiodun said the ministry had, in 2022, issued multiple notices, including contravention orders, stop-work orders, a violation order, and the eventual sealing of the premises. 

The governor said construction had continued on the premises despite the warnings, and even attempts to evade the authorities were alleged, culminating in the demolition.

Mr Abiodun defended the ministry’s actions, stating, “It smacks of impunity if the ministry of physical planning sends you a contravention order, sends you a stop order, sends you a seal order, and you continue with the construction in violation of the safety of all of us in Ogun state.”

“Our physical planning team does not have the responsibility of unmasking who the owner of a company is. It is beyond their mandate; as far as they know, the company called Datkem had applied for approval to erect a five-story building, that approval was filed in 2009-way beyond our administration. 

“But some time in 2022, a contravention notice was sent to the owners of Datkem… after they sent that contravention notice [sic] May 2022, they sent a stop order notice to Datkem, saying you are in contravention, stop working on this project until you come and correct this contravention. They followed that stop order with another stop order. They sent three stop orders, they sent a violation order, and they sealed the premises,” the governor said. 

In response, Datkem has asked that the governor answer questions that will determine whether or not the Ministry of Physical Planning, which brought down the building, was acting in good faith and due process or on the personal orders of Mr Abiodun, who is not new to using state institutions to hunt down political opponents. 

The questions include why Datkem Plaza was singled out of all the buildings on Folagbade Street, Ibadan Road, Ijebu Ode, and how many such demolitions have been done in Ogun State since he became governor. 

The plaza management is asking whether it is proper for thugs and miscreants to be used as demolition agents. 

They are also seeking clarity as to why the demolition was carried out at night and why “notice of seal” was pasted on the same date the government was served a court order, which states that the status quo must be observed, amongst other claims. 

Source: GazetteNGR