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Denmark: New Rules for Residence Permits Issued for Work & Study Purposes to Become Effective From April

In an effort to strengthen international recruitment, the Danish government has introduced new rules for holders of residence permits issued for work and study purposes, which includes a supplementary Pay Limit Scheme.

The new rules include the Pay Limit scheme and the supplementary pay limit track under the Fast Track scheme, totalling up to an annual salary minimum of €50,222 or DKK 375,000, reports.

“On March 23, 2023 the Danish Parliament passed a number of amendments to the Danish Aliens Act in the areas of work and study with the purpose of strengthening the international recruitment. It is possible to apply for a residence permit under the new schemes from 1 April 2023 when the schemes come into effect,” the Danish Immigration Services explained in a press release.

Moreover, under the new rules, companies will be able to apply for a certification to the Fast track scheme, with at least ten full-time employees instead of 20 as they did prior to the measure.

Furthermore, the Positive List for People with a Higher Education, which includes those that were offered a job on the list of professions with a shortage of qualified people in Denmark, as well as the Start-up Denmark scheme, will open up to accept more applicants.

On the other hand, international students from third countries that complete a Danish professional bachelor or another bachelor degree, those with a master or PhD programme will automatically be eligible for a three-year period to seek a job, and will have the right to perform their professional qualifications after graduating the programme.

The Danish Student Visa allows students to attain education in the country, permitting entry to them 30 days before the programme starts and two weeks after it ends. Students will have to leave the country once they finish their studies, unless they find a job and apply for a work and a residence permit.

Some of the main requirements for an applicant for Denmark Student Visa include being admitted to a higher education programme, having a language proficiency in English or Danish, be approved by the educational institution and be able to support themselves financially during their stay – having a minimum €856 or DKK 6,397 on monthly basis.

As per Danish Startup Visas, non-EU and non-EEA citizens that have a business plan or idea, are eligible to obtain such visas and are able to obtain a residence permit after the business approval.

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