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Destiny 2: Hunter Gunslinger Building Guide

Arguably the most popular class in Destiny 2 is the Hunter class, with many players just starting out wanting to try out the most agile character. Because of that, the Gunslinger has become one of the most popular subclasses in Destiny 2.

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The Gunslinger subclass is an easy subclass to build, so it’s very suitable for beginners who are learning how to build their character and how aspects and parts work. There are plenty of ways to make the Gunslinger extremely effective, and below are some of the best mods one can make for the Hunter Gunslinger subclass, whether preparing for PvE or PVP in the Crucible.


The best hunter Gunslinger Superheroes

There are three different types of servers to choose from for Hunter Gunslingers:

  • Golden Gun – Deadshot: This super summons a flaming gun that deals incredible damage to Solar. Ignition returns a bullet to the weapon.
  • Golden Gun – Archer: This super also summons a flaming gun but deals increased precision damage, as well as creates Orbs of Power on precision hits. This weapon also shoots through targets, which means it can hit multiple people if they are lined up correctly.
  • Blade barrage: This super allows the hunter to launch into the air and then unleash an attack of solar blades that explode wherever the player aims.

The best superhero gunslinger falls into two different contexts: Roaming And Not roaming. golden gun – Marksman is the ultimate roaming superhero gunslinger It allows players to run and defeat targets of their choice, which makes it a great choice for PvP. The blade barrage On the other hand, it is a The non-walking gunslinger who throws explosive knives once. This super does massive damage, but only allows players to target one or two areas at a time. Because of this, Blade Barrage is a monster against bosses in PVE.

The best abilities of a gunslinger hunter

Each Hunter subclass has access to the same abilities as the general class, though depending on the chosen subclass, some abilities will greatly benefit the Gunslinger.

The best abilities of the Hunter Gunslinger class

the Hunter class ability It is a simple dribble with varying reinforcements.

  • Dodge Marksman: Evasion reloads the equipped weapon.
  • Gambler’s dribble: Dodging close to the enemy recharges the melee ability.
  • Dodge Acrobat: Dribbling and touchdown makes close teammates and player radiant.

There is no “best” class ability for a gunslinger, as it is up to player preference, however Acrobat Dodge It can definitely be of great use since Radiant allows the player to deal increased damage with their weapon, as well as work in conjunction with some pretty cool fragments.

Best Hunter Gunslinger movement abilities

  • Triple jump: The hunter is allowed to jump three times.
  • Attacker jump: Allows the angler to jump a second time with stronger directional control.
  • high jump: The hunter is allowed to jump a second time with a larger vertical.

Movement ability depends on the player’s choice, as there is no single “best” to choose from – it comes down to which one is most comfortable for the player.

Best Gunslinger melee hunter abilities

  • Knife trick: He throws a set of flaming knives that incinerate opponents.
  • Proximity explosive knife: He throws a single knife that sticks to a surface, and explodes when an enemy gets close.
  • Lightweight knife: A fast throwing knife that deals “medium” damage and makes the hunter radiant with accurate hits.
  • Weighted throwing knife: Throw a knife that deals high damage, with more accurate damage, and ignites scorched targets. Accurate finishing strikes recharge the Hunter class’s ability.

Gunslinger’s best melee abilities are Weighted throwing knifeEspecially in pvp and Knife trick It can take out more than one weak opponent, which is great for PvE.

The best capabilities of the Hunter Gunslinger’s grenade launcher

  • swarm bomb: A grenade that breaks up on impact into smaller grenades and follows the target. Each piece slightly burns the enemy.
  • fusion bomb: It attaches to targets, and explodes while also burning them.
  • Healing Bomb: The bomb heals allies on impact, and also creates an orb of solar light that grants allies recovery when picked up.
  • solar bomb: This grenade creates a flare of solar energy that continuously deals damage and burns targets trapped in the grenade.
  • firebomb: This bomb explodes in a solar blast and burns nearby opponents.
  • Thermite bomb: A grenade sends a streak of solar fire that deals damage and burns enemies in its path.
  • Grenade: An explosive that sticks to a surface and explodes when shot at or when an enemy runs through its laser trigger. This also burns enemies.
  • fire bomb: A grenade explodes in a circle of solar light, damaging and burning enemies.

the better Gunslinger bombs are Fusion bomb in pvpthe Healing bombthe Thermite bomband the fire bomb.

The best aspects of Hunter Gunslinger

Armed force gambling side in destiny 2

There are currently three different sides of the gun mount for the hunter to use:

  • Gunpowder gamble: After defeating enemies with solar energy and abilities, the Gunpowder Gamble Explosive will be charged; It’s basically a stick of dynamite that does incredible damage, and can be detonated by shooting explosives. It also sticks to enemies.
  • Knock ‘Em Down: Super solar energy has been improved. Blade Barrage shoots more blades, Golden Gun – Marksman is active for longer, and Golden Gun – Deadshot has resistance to damage.
  • On your mark: Accurate finishing strikes will give the hunter and close mates better weapon handling and reload speed. This can accumulate three times. This accumulates three times immediately when the Separation ability is used.

Gunpowder gamble The best aspect is to carry arms easily, and Hit ’em down It comes in at a close second, especially with Blade Barrage.

Best Gunslinger Hunter Shrapnel

Cinder singing in the pot 2

There are 16 different fragments that Hunter Gunslinger uses:

  • Ember of Mercy: Reviving an ally grants recovery to the Hunter and players nearby. Capture Firesprites Grant Restoration. Adds 10 elasticity.
  • Torque Ember: Solar Bomb kills and heals Hunter.
  • Ember of Singing: Class ability recharges faster when burning opponents.
  • Ember of goodness: Applying Restore, Heal, or Radiate to allies increases grenade regeneration, combat, and class abilities. Take off 10 discipline.
  • cinder packets: Super solar projectiles have better target acquisition. Adds 10 ideas.
  • Ember Empyrene: Solar weapon or ability kill extend recovery and radiant effects. Take off 10 elastic.
  • Explosion Moon: Solar radiance increased AOE. Adds 10 strength.
  • Condolences Ember: The radiological and restorative effects on the fisherman last longer.
  • ulceration moon: Killing with Ignition grants a grenade charge.
  • Tempering Moon: Kills with solar weapons give the hunter and teammates more recovery, and can stack up to three times. While active, it grants more effective airborne weapons. Solar weapons kill create hearth fire. take off 10 recovery.
  • Ember of Char: Solar Flare spreads burns to damaged enemies. Adds 10 discipline.
  • ember torches: Supported melee attacks make the Hunter and nearby teammates radiant. Take off 10 discipline.
  • burning moon: Kills using super solar power, sets targets on fire, and creates a hearth. Adds 10 strength.
  • cinder ash: Adds more burn piles to damaged enemies.
  • Ember Wonder: Consecutive kills by ignition creates an orb. Adds 10 elasticity.
  • burn ember: Killing burnt enemies grants melee energy and creates a flame of fire. Adds 10 rebound.

Players can Equip only three fragments, so they must choose wisely. For PP, the best parts are Ember of Tempering, Ember of Ashes, and Ember of Combustion. The best PVE gunslinger shards are Ember of Mercy, Ember of Wonder, Ember of Benevolence, and Ember of Tempering.

Primary Gunslinger Hunter stats

Code recovery in Destiny 2 with a gunslinger hunter

Which player to use the Gunslinger subclass for hunters can vary with their stats, but there should be a focus on the cases below. This is because Hunters are very different from Warlocks and Titans, which means they have to prioritize stats that other classes won’t.

  • a movement
  • Recovery
  • Strength/discipline

The best weapons of Hunter and Gunslinger

Master of the Wolves gun

Weapons and armor aren’t exactly important to Gunslinger builds, but they can prove builds to be more efficient, especially when working with parts that require solar weapons.

Some of the cool weapons that work with the Gunslinger build are as follows:

  • Bane Al-Zawli
  • Favorite sniper rifle
  • Lord of the Wolves
  • Lament the sword
  • Gjallahorn Rocket Launcher

As far as armor goes, the Solar Hunter is best equipped to fit in pretty well:

  • The backbone of youth is Ahamkara
  • The fez killer
  • Heavenly Nighthawk
  • Athena hug
  • Galanor fragments

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