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Details on the Nothing Ear (2) arrive ahead of their launch

Over the past few months, rumors of the soon-to-launch Nothing Ear (2) have been making the rounds. Finally, the expected launch of this pair of wireless earbuds has been verified. What seem to be promotional images of this product have finally made their way to the internet.

These images show off the design of this pair of earbuds from the casing to the earbuds themselves. They also show the earbuds and give an idea of how they would fit a user. But there are some factors to take to mind with the rendering design of the coming Nothing Ear (2) earbuds.

Nothing’s product designs are unique and stand out from the crowd. The available renders and promotional images prove true to this fact. Still, there are some traits from the current Ear (1) that the coming earbuds might launch with.

The Nothing Ear (2) borrow a thing or two from the design of their predecessors

The design of the coming Nothing Ear (2) is quite similar to that of their predecessors. There are little changes in terms of how the earbuds look as shown from the available images. Even the design of the earbud’s case is similar to that of the Nothing Ear (1).

Nothing will stick to its see-through design on the Nothing Ear (2) as it does with its products. This will help attract more customers within the tech-savvy community to try out this product. But if there are little or no changes in the earbud’s design, then how does Nothing intend to attract buyers?

Well, they will do this by focusing more on the specifications of this coming product. When it comes to their specifications, there will be some significant improvements in comparison with their predecessors. According to the available information, the coming earbuds from Nothing will be 0.2g lighter than their predecessors.

The Nothing Ear (1) weighed 4.7g, so their successors will weigh 4.5g, making them a bit more comfortable to use. In terms of battery capacity, there is no change in the 6-hour battery life from the Nothing Ear (1).

But, the Nothing Ear (2) case will have a 36-hour battery life on a single charge. This is in comparison with the 34-hour battery life of the existing earbuds from Nothing.

Features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) will be available with the Ear (2). There would also be a few other audio enhancement features to help improve the overall user experience. Sources claim that the Nothing Ear (2) will retail at the same price as the current model, being $149.



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