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Diablo 4 Devs have no plans for an Xbox Game Pass release

Diablo 4 won’t be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, general manager Rod Ferguson has revealed in a new game tweet. “We’ve had some questions about D4 on Game Pass and I want to tell you we don’t have any plans for that,” Ferguson confirmed.

As we get closer and closer to the first Diablo 4 beta this weekend, the developers have been sharing more information about the game. However, speculation continued regarding a possible release on Xbox Game Pass, especially knowing that the proposed acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft is in the works and could be completed later this year.


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However, now it seems that the same scenario that happened with Bethesda games awaits Activision-Blizzard games as well. Even if the deal goes through, there is currently no plan to launch Diablo 4 directly on Xbox Game Pass, unless plans change after its launch. Of course, the deal itself faces some serious hurdles at the moment, as the UK’s Capital Markets Authority has opposed the takeover saying it could harm competition in the industry.

Diablo 4 is currently targeting a June 6th release. The early access beta session for the game will run this weekend from March 16th through March 19th. This game will only be available to players who have previously purchased the game. However, an open beta session will also be launched this month between March 24th and March 26th, which will allow all fans to try out the game for free.

Although the upcoming beta is intended to collect feedback from the community, players will be able to earn some rewards by playing the beta and take them to the final game when it launches. Rewards include Wolf Pack cosmetics that can be unlocked by reaching level 20, as well as the titles Initial Victim and Early Voyager.

We hope that the upcoming beta sessions will be available across all of the game’s target platforms, including current and last generation consoles as well as PC. Although the final game is supposed to feature cross-platform, it is not yet known whether or not the feature will be active during beta sessions.

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