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Did Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Break Up? Spark Split Rumors After Singer Deleted Instagram Photos

Jennifer Lopez’s social media accounts have gone completely black making even her pics with Ben Affleck disappear but does that mean the duo has broken up? Well, this is what fans have been thinking about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. As everything turns black on social media Lopez leaves all shocked at it. But why did that happen?

Read ahead to know more about Jennifer Lopez’s social media accounts goes black.

Jennifer Lopez’s social media goes all black suddenly

Jennifer Lopez has been an icon everyone loves. That gives her millions of her fans across all the social media platforms too. However, recently when fans tried to look into the social media accounts of the singer. Then they found something strange with it.

As Lopez’s social media account had gone all black suddenly. It had her Instagram with disappeared posts on it. While her Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok too were having her profile pic as black. Well, that has left fans to speculate a lot of things about Jennifer Lopez. Lopez herself didn’t say anything about the same.

Has Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck broken up as their wedding pics disappear from Instagram of Jennifer Lopez?

As Instagram Jennifer Lopez had all her posts disappeared from the platform. It even had wedding pics of Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck. While now fans are left thinking if they have broken up. Well, almost all social media accounts of Lopez have gone black.

Meanwhile, ...s that disappeared from Instagram of Lopez had all the pics of her and not just the one with Ben. Hence, it can’t be certain that they have broken up. Yet, fans are still trying to find out why it all went black on the social media of Lopez suddenly.

Fans’ reaction to Jennifer Lopez’s social media going black

Fans of Jennifer Lopez were really shocked to see Lopez’s social media going black. While some are thinking that Ben and Lopez have broken up. Others are convinced thinking that Lopez is planning to have a comeback with a new album and hence it has gone all black on her social media.

While some have noted that she is soon to complete her 20 years for the hit album This Is Me. As such she might be planning a celebration for the same. Yet, that is all merely speculation for now from all the fans.

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